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A Study of Colors and Their Effect on Human Psychology & Buying Patterns

When you think of Coca Cola, what are some of the first images that come to your mind… I bet the color Red was either first or second to the swirly font.

What about Snapchat? Bright bright yellow, and that little ghost.

How about Twitter? A blue bird.

How about Google? Well… maybe Google doesn’t count because they use every color.

I think you get the idea!

Color is one of the first things you notice subconsciously about any brand, and choosing a color for the brand starts with the logo design. Before you can build the identity of the brand, you must decide what color speaks the most to you, and even more importantly what kind of message and feeling it gives to a future customer.

In an online store, the customer doesn’t have the opportunity to feel the texture of a soft cotton shirt, smell the deep aroma of the coffee, or hear the quality of a speaker, so the image and the environment that surrounds your product offering makes a large impact on these sensory needs. Choosing the right color can be the difference between attention and disregard.

Colors have a big effect on emotions, take a look at this chart…


  • Women's favorite colors tend to be blue, purple, and green, but they don't like gray, orange, and brown. In fact, just a small percentage of women actually like pink, so the idea that all women love pink is a myth according to science.
  • While most men prefer blue, green, black, but they don’t like orange, purple, and brown.
  • When creating call to action buttons red, orange, green, and yellow buttons generally have a stronger effect, while dark colors like black, dark gray, brown, purple have a much lower effect.
  • It is also good to maintain high color contrast for better readability of your site, or if you want to highlight any information so that it stands out.
  • Light colors tend to make buyers feel better, so they could lead to a higher probability of purchasing a product surrounded in a light color.
  • But if you want to provide a larger amount of information, then it is better to use darker colors, and employing the contrast method to make it more readable.
  • The blue color is the most commonly used colors on websites all around the world.


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Red is the color of passion, energy, and dominance. It's commonly used for advertising in all shades. We frequently encounter the color red on websites in the form of call to action buttons. This color is sharp and bright and makes the button stand out against a light or dark background in almost any shade. The red color also expresses self-confidence to the point where people can subconsciously be more confident when they wear the color.

Blue is the color of peace, security, wisdom, freedom, truth, and hope. Blue is a color that can be used to motivate people. Many employers use blue in offices because people find themselves more motivated around blue, which can trigger an increase in efficiency and bandwidth. A customer of your site, when feeling motivated, may be more likely to purchase an item and feel good about their decision.

Yellow is a color that suggests creativity, energy, and power. All good adjectives for a customer to feel in a purchasing situation. Frequently coupled with black for the high contrast, this color combination is used frequently for promotions to capture people’s attention.

So let’s think back to some of those logos that we talked about earlier. Coca Cola, Snapchat, Twitter. They all use a bright and bold color to draw the attention of the populous. However, as we’ve learned today, the colors of your brand not only create a brand identity that people can identify with, but can oftentimes incite emotional triggers for people that can even further increase buying patterns.

While there are no hard and fast rules about color, since all of these things are so subjective, the more important message is to take color SERIOUSLY, and always think through color choices down to the smallest detail, because you never know how it will make your buyer FEEL.

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