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How To Stop Those Pesky Ads On YouTube

Look, I’ll be honest, Google has made this very difficult to do. There are not many ways to do this, and none of them are perfect. I have to admit. They are tolerable at best, but this is what you have as options currently. You came here looking for an answer, and that is what we have here, I never promised it was going to be the perfect solution.

  • Downloading the videos
  • You could, in theory, download all of your favorite YouTube videos that you like to watch all the time using third-party apps that are pretty easy to find. You wouldn’t even have to store them on your hard drive, you could upload them back up to Dropbox and just make your own video playlists without any ads. It should be noted that it is against Youtube’s terms of service to download the videos. However, Youtube is not enforcing that rule by killing the multitude of download apps on the market but does not allow them in the PlayStore either. This may seem like a crazy solution, but I watch a lot of the same videos. Just keep em! Who knows, what if they get taken down, you’ll always have them!

  • Subscribing to YouTube Premium
  • You can watch uninterrupted content, by any ads before and during a video, including video overlay ads. Doesn’t that sound nice?! Youtube will not display third-party banner ads and search ads on YouTube Premium. There may still be branding or promotions embedded in the content. The cost of the subscription is $11.99/ month, that’s not all that much if you are a heavy user. That’s like 3 coffees a month, to watch all the YouTube you ever wanted without all the soap commercials that I seem to keep getting.

  • Using a quality ad blocker
  • You could try ad blockers, but I have to be honest, recently, ad blockers are not fully working on YouTube anymore. It appears that YouTube has decided to flag users who are using ad blockers. Many people are upset by this and have tried different solutions: disabling and re-enabling the browsers extensions or signing out and back into the google account. A fail free solution does not exist quite yet, but you could fiddle with these if it means that much to you.

    Chrome’s standards-backed ad blocker is available worldwide starting this summer. This means that Google will be blocking ads & specifically targeting the following types of ads on YouTube:

    • Long, non-skippable pre-roll ads longer than 31 seconds which cannot be skipped
    • Mid-roll ads of any duration 
    • Image or text ads that appear on top of a playing video and are in the middle 1/3 of the video player window or cover more than 20 percent of the video content.

    The new video ad standards are based on research results from 45,000 consumers run by The Coalition for Better Ads. 

    So really, there’s no perfect solution, you can try one of the above… I mean we know for sure one will work, the question is, are you willing to fork $12 a month to do it? Up to you!

    Justin Szabo
    Director of Marketing
    I am the architect. I take a bird’s eye view of our business and construct the subway systems and streets that every project must take from inception to execution. I build the team, I align the departments under one common goal, and I develop relationships with potential clients and partners to bring the best products to the market on your behalf. My purview is expansive but the beauty is in the details, and I am a champion of the minutia in every single aspect of Slicedbread business.

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