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Effective Google Ads Strategies & Best Practices

Effective Google Ads strategies enable businesses to precisely target their desired audience, enhancing brand visibility and driving traffic to their websites. A well-executed Google Ads campaign can result in increased conversions and revenue.  It's crucial to stay updated with the latest strategies in the ever-changing digital landscape to maximize return...

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What to Expect This Year From Google Ads

When it comes to online advertising, important changes come often. As you look forward to the rest of 2023, it's smart to prepare your online business for upcoming Google Ad...

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How To Improve Low Ad Rank

This week we’re talking about all things ‘Ad Rank’. Curious about what it is and what it’s used for? You’re in the right place, so keep reading! What Is Ad...

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Responsive Search Ads

 As many of us know, there are two types of search ads in Google Ads: responsive search ads and expanded text ads. And, if you’ve been staying on top of...

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All About Google Auction Insights

Properly measuring the performance of an ad is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign. After all, how can we turn traffic into conversions, if we don’t know whether...

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Google Ads Bid Adjustment

If you’re familiar with Google Ads, then you’re probably also familiar with the term ‘Bid Adjustment’. But did you know that effectively maneuvering your bid adjustments can help to improve...

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Top 10 Quick Tips for Google Ads

When it comes to Google Ads, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. And while you may be tempted to simply pump money into an ad, set it,...

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Disconnecting Content API Feed from Google Merchant Center

These days, e-commerce platforms have the ability to integrate a quick connection from their stores to Google Merchant Center, serving as a succinct way to pass product data from Shopify...

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Title Optimizations For Product Feed

As we all know, product titles are an important component of successful advertising. But when it comes to solidifying titles for a product feed, many don’t realize that they’re missing...

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Performance Max campaigns

You’ve probably heard buzz about the new ‘Performance Max Campaign’, so we’re here to give you the in’s and outs of what it is and how to get on board....

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Google Ads Optimization Best Practices

While there seem to be a million resources for how to get started in Google Ads and what to do in order to set up your account, there are fewer...

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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Google?

When it comes to digital advertising, the biggest benefit is how precise you can get with your target audience, but perhaps more importantly is the fact that you can control...

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Why Is My Budget Not Spending On Google Ads?

You worked hard on a strategy for Google Ads and now you are so excited to test it out. You thought you have all of your ducks in a row......

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Everything You Need To Know About How The New iOS 14 Update Has Affected Google Marketing

I’m sure by this point you’ve heard rumblings about the new iOS 14 update and how it might affect digital marketing. If you are in the world of digital marketing,...

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The 4 Kinds Of Keyword Matching Offered By Google Ads

What started as a simple fix for too many websites for people to remember turned into the most important website in the history of the internet… If you haven’t guessed...

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Audit your Google Ads Account in 7 Easy Steps

There are a million switches to flip, keywords to overthink, bidding strategies to consider, schedules to set and create in order to make your Google Ads work at an optimum...

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Importing Audiences From The Google Analytics Audience Gallery

Audience creation and management is an artform with a million different adjustments and considerations to juggle. It takes finesse and a very detailed oriented approach to nail the audience for...

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Why Should I Pick Location Targeting When I Already Picked Country Of Sale?

You’re workin’. You’re cruisin’. You’ve set up the product feed in the merchant center. Now you’ve moved on to creating some ads in Google Shopping campaigns. You’ve heard all the...

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