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Founded in 2013 after a trip to Hawaii, Sweetfin, a chef-driven poke restaurant with a Californian flair, adds a dash of fine dining to the fast-casual eating scene by providing an approachable way to enjoy fresh raw fish prepared with premium ingredients and unique flavors.

The Ask

Sweetfin hired Slicedbread in 2019, looking for more brand awareness and to start expanding its online presence. After much success, a free delivery campaign was created to help build more awareness online and add more loyal members.

The Solution

Facebook: We started by focusing on driving in-store traffic and general awareness to all 10 Sweetfin locations using geo-targeted campaigns on both Facebook and Adwords. Once online channels were established, we pivoted to focus on driving more actionable conversions - Finding users most likely to actually place an order online for delivery or in-store pickup.
Adwords: This channel has continuously focused on general brand awareness campaigns, as well as periodic geo-targeted focuses - IE: Users looking for lunch in high traffic tourist areas like Venice Beach, or 9-5 workers seeking a quick, healthy lunch downtown.

The Solution

New User Increase Month 1
Increase in Social Media Users Month 1
Total Impressions Served
Average Paid Search Cost per Click


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