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Amazon Advertising


of the largest eCommerce platform in the world.

At any moment in time, Amazon has more users actively looking to purchase than any other website in the world. Combine that with over 95 Million Prime Users that qualify for two-day shipping and you have all the makings of a quick, consistent revenue driver. 

We create advertising campaigns within the Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central platforms to drive Amazon sales velocity and reach the best possible ACOS. Utilizing both AI driven and manual strategies allow us to test at scale while still having granular oversight of our advertising.


Increase your market share by adding your products to product page listings for both non-branded and competitor based terms.


Expand your new user base by showing up at the top of Amazon search pages for relevant terms and competitor listings.


Stay top of mind by creating imagery based campaigns that appear to users who have visited your brand or product pages.


Isolation of performing keywords ensures that you are spending your budget how and when you want to.


Employing AI driven bid changes allow for near real time adjustments based on the competitive landscape.


A laser focus on ACoS allows us to maximize budgets within your industry while also maintaining topline profitability.

1 Create

The key to proper Amazon advertising is segmentation. At the start of any campaign, our focus is to create a proper structure for both testing and future monetization. This framework is key to the deployment of future budgets.

2 Test

After the deployment of our advertising campaigns, we quickly launch into the testing of both keywords and match types. The objective in this phase is to find as many profitable keywords as possible while keeping the overall platform ACOS at a reasonable level. This testing allows for future sales.

3 Monetize

The testing and isolation of keywords within our campaigns allow us to streamline budgets directly into high performing keywords. We then remove terms that don’t fit our ACOS goals, which increases overall ACOS and brings the account into stability.

4 Expand

Expansion at this point comes more easily as we have set up the proper campaign and keywords structure to allow for budget deployment directly into our most profitable segments. At this point, we follow both seasonal and consumer trends in order to manage budgets and ensure profitability throughout the year. 

Amazon Advertising Partner

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When it comes to rapid growth, not many brands come to mind like Retrospec does. In addition to seeing tremendous gains from their existing Google and Facebook Advertising efforts, Retrospec wanted to consolidate their strategy with Amazon Advertising in mind and continue their growth across all of their major channels. As a result, Slicedbread came and Slicedbread delivered.


Increase in Overall Revenue


Reduction in Advertising Cost of Sale (ACos)



Leverage the Full Power of Amazon Advertising.

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