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Email Marketing

Checking Your Mail

CAN be exciting.

The most direct, the most personal, and the most difficult to execute. Getting someone to open their emails is like getting a child to eat their dinner, they know they need to do it, but the cartoons are playing in the other room.

An effective email marketing campaign requires a highly curated and specific approach to both content and copy. Everything from the subject line to the time it is sent plays a major role in whether the email gets opened. Pile on top of that, complete sending automation with lead generation campaigns and CRM tracking on the back end, and you have a complex ecosystem of emails that need constant management, monitoring, and strategy, that’s where we come in.

Bespoke Design

No more templates, no more settling on layout, we can create an email campaign that’s designed perfectly for YOU.

Mobile First Design

With more and more people accessing email on their phones, the importance of optimizing email campaigns for mobile is paramount. That's why we design all of ours with the mobile first design strategy to ensure optimal compatibility and aesthetics.

Welcome Series Email Campaigns

Keep your audience in communication throughout the entire process. Automating welcome emails that let them know they didn’t just give their information away for no reason can lead to long term value and brand loyalty.

Post Purchase Email Campaigns

Don’t just send your customers a receipt for their purchase - they may want more than you think. Once they have already purchased from you, a well designed email campaign will bring them back again and again for more.

Cart Abandonment Email Drips

Sending emails to send emails will get you unsubscribed, however sending them strategically and based on optimal times after a potential customer could have purchased, might just seal the deal on the cart they left behind.

Custom Email Blasts

A strategic and varied blast schedule that engages audiences without feeling like it’s useless or overwhelming will prevent your customers from growing tired of your direct communication.

1 Create

There's more to emails than big slashes and promo codes. Creating a regular, engaging, and effective email campaign is a multifaceted approach that first needs to be roadmapped before implementation. Your Strategist will work with you to understand your content strategy and build a campaign that encourages users to read the email rather than simply mark it as spam.

2 Design

A great looking email can often times speak for itself. Our team knows that about as good as anyone else, so we also put a great emphasis on great design. Once we have our brand guidelines, then it's off to the races. 

3 Deploy

Once your campaigns are scheduled to be released, we keep a close eye on open rates, clickthrough rates, engagements, abandonments, and everything else in between. Campaigns are adjusted based on findings and what your Strategist may recommend to further improve the desired outcome of your email campaign. 

4 Follow Up

Like any successful endeavor, we always follow up with you and our strategies to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Email campaigns can take time to reap their benefits, so we ensure that we're there every step of the way. 

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The Brobe

Sometimes things get worse before they are better, but it doesn't mean it needs to feel that way. The Brobe offers a line of clothing that helps those recovering from surgery and hospital stays to be comfortable and ultimately gain a positive outlook on what's up ahead. Mental strength can go a long way, and if these clothes can help build and foster that, then we wanted to help share that story too.


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