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Coracao Chocolate

Sustainable chocolate, without the guilt.

Coracao's story starts with the love for our childhood favorite indulgences but now through the lenses of health-conscious adults. The increasing health challenges that come with age prohibits many from enjoying things like chocolate and Coracao set themselves out on a journal to make chocolate that's not only based on ingredients that are healthier and easier to digest, but are also sustainable and leaving less of a carbon footprint. The desire to better our world and wellbeing has been a growing trend in recent years and Coracao is simply participating in that endeavor through the seemingly simplest of life's delights.


Coracao wanted to build a feature on their site that offered their customers customizable chocolate boxes with the ability to choose different flavors, in different quantities, and varying prices and promotions. Within a Shopify platform, this does present some challenges, but we were able to build this feature that allowed them to truly accept customizable orders without the need for clunky apps. 

Selectable Box Sizes

Coracao needed restrictions to ensure they can fulfill custom box orders sustainably, just like their chocolates. Their Build A Box feature comes equipped with three box sizes, set to require their customers to choose between 8, 16, and 20 piece chocolate boxes, all at the tips of their fingers. 

Hover-Over Variant Details

Each flavor serves as a separate variant within the Product's configuration. Within each variant is the ability to provide short snippets of added detail to better educate customers on what each flavor contains. While seemingly requiring a lot of excess engineering to maintain, these are details Coracao can easily change at any time with no development knowledge required. 

Live, Dynamically Calculated Boxes

As flavors are added to any box size, quantity, price, and discounts are all automatically being calculated in real time to give the customer a clear picture of what they are getting. Best of all, this also requires no programming knowledge to update at any point. New flavors are regularly added with new details that reflect on the customer-facing side right away.

Cleanly Organized Cart Summaries

While there are a number of ways that a custom built box could be engineered, it's sometimes challenging to ensure that the entire user flow is streamlined and seamless. In this case, we left no stone unturned; Down to the cart itself. Flavors are neatly organized and listed out to provide the customer a clear picture of what they are getting and knowing that their boxes will come fully assembled with everything they asked for. 


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