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Making the gym and beach basics trendy.

Most don't think much about gym and beach towels; First instincts are usually to just grab what's available and be on your way. With Acteon, they see these seemingly after-thought necessities as trendy statements and makes sure their towels do that justice. Not only are their towels bright, eye-catching, and overall cool, they also come in different flavors that can be bundled together in packs. And to top it all off, they sell packing cubes to really tie that bow on top. What more could you need! 


Acteon approached us with a vision in mind -- to present these eye catching towels in a light that really helps the consumer reimagine their basics. Naturally, we took that challenge and raised it a new website. With the help of Acteon, we developed a site that allowed for these products to truly shine while still having a unique edge to the shopping experience.

Custom Pack Builder

Through a mix of line item properties and some front-end wizardry, we built CMS manageable product pages that allowed for Acteon to manage orders for custom packs. The customer can choose any combination of towels for their desired packs, and Acteon will be able to fully see and fulfill these orders from their normal Order management admin. No secondary dashboards, additional clicks, running around in circles to make a multi-product order work -- just a clever use of an existing Shopify tool. 

Cost Savings Calculator

With a mixture of Collections management and math string variables provided by Shopify, we not only found a way to present related products on product pages, but was also to provide meaningful calculations for how a customer might save as they broaden their purchase. Most savvy folks may look at this and assume that this is a hard-coded solution. On the contrary, Acteon is fully able to change the products, change the order, and modify each of the prices and all calculations will appropriately update on its own. 

Custom Product Tags

Product tags have an endless list of possibilities with them. In this case, we used it to allow for the client to tag products as determining what is or isn't a "Mix & Match" product. Having the ability to simply tag products with these identifiers can help push customers to looking at the products that really add value. This case, adding and removing this tag is as simple as a few key strokes and clicks, no additional coding required.

Dynamic Homepage Banners

Sometimes a little flare here and there is all it takes to really engage your users. In this case, we added some nice sparkle to what could otherwise have been a very typical homepage banner. With a mixture of slide and fade animations, there is now a touch more interactivity between the site and its audience. Best of all, this can all change without additional programming. If a new banner, set of copy, or destination for the call to action is needed, all changes can be made without a sweat. (Pun maybe intended?)




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