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Slicedbread AgencyEst. 2014

Slicedbread is a culmination of a life’s work. There are no textbooks for digital marketing. The rules change with every update of every platform. Every day, tried and true becomes old and obsolete, so keeping up with this wild west of clicks and impressions is a full time job. Ours. And we’re really good at it.

Founding Philosophies

Slicedbread first started in 2014 as a response to the overwhelming need for a higher quality and honest agency. Our collective experiences from prior companies all pointed to one thing, and one thing alone, as the key driver for success -- a uniquely client-centric approach to the way we do business. The digital marketing space is crowded with agencies started by young people who not only lack experience in client management, but lack the knowledge surrounding the traditional service model companies have used to build and sustain their business for decades. This pervasive, backwards, money-first, agency-centric culture is everything that we aren’t…

So here’s what we are…





Most agencies hide their activities and their own autonomy behind blanket/umbrella retainers to protect themselves from scrutiny and make it harder for the client to track and evaluate their work. They work behind closed doors, so that you won’t notice their mistakes. We have the exact opposite philosophy at SlicedBread, opening those doors and providing full transparency into our process and our work. One of the many ways we provide this transparency is by itemizing your invoice to show you exactly where we spent our time, so that we can continue to build our relationship around trust and good service.


While other agencies are trying to scoop up your business for fixed 6 or 12 month contracts, our contracts are always month to month entirely for your benefit. A fixed length contract means no urgency, no need for immediate impact, and no need to communicate with you, they can act as they please, you’re not going anywhere. With our monthly contract model, if you feel that we are not providing the value you were promised at the inception of our partnership, you are free to leave and not expose yourself to any financial harm while waiting for the contract to run out. Not only are you more free to do what’s best for your business, but it also encourages honest and frequent communication from our end, in order to maintain the strong level of performance we need to keep your business.


We handle digital marketing from a holistic standpoint. We run a full audit on your site to make sure that there are no bottlenecks in your funnel like indexed pages that are dead, or pages that are very much alive but are not optimized to lead the customer down the right path. We make sure that your entire operation is in line with Google’s best practices so that everything is primed for optimal success, which is more complex than it seems. We work with you to get people from nowhere to your cart in four clicks or less, and once we have nailed an efficient funnel for your product, and increased your overall CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), then we can celebrate!

This approach has been incredibly successful for our clients through the years with an average ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) of nearly 5 to 1 by month four across all clients since we launched Slicedbread over four years ago.

So What Do We Do?

Digital Strategy

Figuring out your online strategy can sometimes feel like navigating through the open seas. Let us be your captains.

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Adwords Advertising

Text, Shopping, Display, Remarketing ... you name it, we do it all.

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Facebook Advertising

Social media is much more than just social. See how your business can thrive in ways you never thought it could.

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Search Visibility Optimization

SEO is great, but certainly not on a monthly basis. Controversial? Sure, but let us explain.

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Creative & Development

Your visual aesthetics are worth 1,000 words. See how we can turn your ideas into reality for your online presence.

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Some FaithfulFriends

Sliced Bread was crucial in our go to market strategy for Zenith, stepping in at the 11th hour to help us launch an extremely successful website which led to an amazing amount of pre-orders. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Andy Tsen

I have worked with SB for over two years and they have done so much Luminit. We are a smaller company with a marketing department of just me. SB has been my partner and helped me rebuild our website and continues to guide us on digital channels and SEO. Slicedbread is a rare company that believes in doing the right thing for their clients at all times.

Mary Ann G.
Director of Marketing

We began working with The Sliced Bread team in early 2016. We had been running our digital campaigns in-house prior to working with Sliced Bread. They were able to point out several very inefficient practices in our campaigns. Thanks to their work, we have seen a double digit percentage decrease in the cost of acquisition for new customers and a roughly 40% increase in top line sales. They are experts in the digital space and have provided tremendous value to Coeur Sports.

Kebby H.

Very professional and easy to work with. Gets the job done on time. Had no trouble getting my site set up with their help.

Heidi Y.

Slicedbread has developed 3 iterations of our website now. We find their development team is extremely competent and accessible and use them as an extension of our in-house team. Having their development lead in the Los Angeles with the rest of their team split between Santa Monica and Ireland means there are always competent developers online and accessible in the event of an emergency. As a boutique agency, we appreciate the personalized service we get and look forward to our next project with them.

Michael M.
Director of Marketing

We Aspire To Achieve Great Things For Us And Our Clients.

So Let’s Reach Those Goals Together, Because Nobody Gets To The Top Alone.


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