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Brandon Lupo

Partner | Strategy

Justin Szabo

Partner | Marketing

Alex Kravchenko

Partner | Search & Digital Outreach

Hugo Da Rosa

Partner | Creative & Technology

Rebecca Slobig

Office Manager

Ellen Rock

Digital Strategy Manager

Aasim Rizvi

Digital Strategist

Justin Lupo

Digital Strategist

Adam Edgar

Digital Strategist

John Hannibal

Digital Strategist

Noah Caswell-Levy

SEM Manager

David Kim

Social Media Advertising Manager

Julia Vasilyeva

Sales Technician

Ana Pastiu

On-Boarding Marketing Specialist

Greg Berman


Niall Gallagher

Senior Web Developer

Ionut-Radu Pastiu

Junior Web Developer

Levente Karacsony

Quality Assurance and Development Specialist

Alina Kravchenko

Digital Outreach Specialist


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