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TikTok Advertising

The New Ad Frontier

Looking to expand into a fresh new audience? TikTok is the Fastest Growing Social Platform in the world, and over 50% of the users on TikTok are not on Instagram or Facebook.

Slicedbread was one of first agencies in the world on TikTok’s self-serve auction beta. While the platform has now been released to the masses, Slicedbread has a level of experience that most agencies in the platform just do not have. We've seen the evolution of the platform from inception to its current form, and know how to best utilize the platform as it is now.

We specialize in both reach and auction-based TikTok products.

In-Feed Video (Auction Buys)

Placement within the “For You” feed with more flexible bidding types and precise targeting options. Opportunity to self-operate and optimize, increase traffic & conversion and take advantage of full funnel.

In-Feed Video (Reservation Buys)

A storytelling video ad embedded within the 'For You' feed, designed to drive users to engage with your Ad Contents or Business Account

Branded Takeovers

Enjoy maximum visibility by taking over the opening screen of the TikTok app. 


A video ad format that showcases your brand immediately when users open TikTok to reach and engage audiences in a visually impactful way

Branded Hashtag Challenge

A unique engaging format to generate mass exposure and attraction around your brand, by inviting users to generate content with a branded theme

Branded Effects

Engage audience with branded effect and co-create branded content.

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