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Big Brothers Big Sisters (Greater Houston)

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Big Brother Big Sister of Houston is the Texas are of one of the most well known charity organizations in the world. Their purpose is to match youth with mentor to help foster personal growth. Big Brother Big Sister came to us with a need to improve the number of applicants in their system to match them with local children in need of mentorship.

The Ask

Big Brother Big Sister tasked us with setting up their online platform. While they had a website, they had never attempted any type of digital marketing program. We were brought in to optimize their website for search engines, and to build their programs through a combination of email marketing, AdWords, and Facebook advertising.

The Solution

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we take on Search Engine Optimization a bit differently. We focus on building value through technical onsite optimization and content optimization within a two month window. We believe that this short term look at SEO helps to build initial value quickly which in turns makes our advertising efforts return stronger ROI. We took this approach with BBBS, and we’re able to quickly implement in order to reach their business goals in months rather than years.

The Results

The result of our SEO efforts and subsequent digital advertising strategy we’re apparent immediate. Within the first month we generated more applicants than they had in the past 3 months and this year they had more signups than they had ever had in a calendar year.

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