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One of the world's safest and multi-use powered scooters.

For those especially on the west coast, powered scooters have come into our daily lives by storm. Almost every major city now includes some form of a powered scooter as a mode of casual transport. With increased awareness and subsequent regulations, many of these companies find themselves fighting an uphill battle. CycleBoard on the other hand is already head of that, offering a powered scooter that not only adds a level of safety with its 3-wheel design, but also an added facet of use, having applications anywhere from your neighborhood street to the golf course. CycleBoard brings to the world a powered scooter that can be safely and easily operated universally. 


CycleBoard approached us with a need to freshen up their website along side a product-wide fleet change. We imagined a design look-and-feel that would not only highlight the new features of CycleBoard's products but would also send a clear, engaging message all in one place. With that, we built a Shopify store that allowed for their Boards page to be their biggest seller. 

Fully Informed Collections Page

With this revised Collections layout, customers are able to see the key differences between each model all on one screen with minimal clicks involved. This gives the customer the ability to conduct comparison shopping between models without the hassle of opening several windows. 

Detailed Value Propositions

Simply highlighting your value propositions isn't always enough. With CycleBoard, a fully engaging Collections page with layers of descriptive value propositions truly gives the user a clear picture of why CycleBoard is an industry leader. By the end of each product's description, it's difficult finding a reason not to buy one.

Multi-Colored 3D Shopping Experience

Great looking photography is always an added plus in eCommerce. But sometimes, going the extra mile to provide the customer a more immersive description can go a long way. With each board's product page, a 3D rendering (some in different colors) gives the customer the ability to see every angle and detail of the board, leaving very little uncertainty as to what they are purchasing. Best of all, it can handle a couple of different color variations as well.



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