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The Ask

  • A Summary of the Brand: LashJob BeautyBonder is a nourishing eyelash serum that was developed by Dr. Leslie Scarlett, an Ophthalmologist, in order to help her patients when applying false lashes. Having treated eye infections from both lash extensions and glued-on lashes, Dr. Scarlett was inspired to create this lash product that is nourishing for your lashes and eyelids. 

  • A Summary of what the brand wanted from us/why hired Sb: As a newly founded cosmetics company breaking out into a saturated market, LashJob came to Slicedbread for strategic guidance and digital advertising management. They wanted to find new customers who valued the unique differentiators of their lash products, and ultimately, grow their online product sales.

    The Solution

  • Facebook Ads: We set up a full funnel campaign for LashJob, focusing primarily on prospecting new customers. By targeting lookalike and affinity/interest audiences and  using influencer-generated content in our ad creative, revenue from Facebook ads has continued to grow month over month.

  • Google Ads: We set up Search, Shopping and Display campaigns for LashJob with a heavy focus on prospecting to promote their product range and acquire new customers. Initial data proved search ads to be the most profitable from using keywords that address customers needs, such as ‘false lashes for beginners’ and ‘easy to apply false lashes’.

    The Results

    Month 1 Rev Increase  (May vs April 2021)
    Avg Order Value Growth: 18% (May vs April 2021)
    Avg Monthly Impressions(May 2021)
    Average CPA


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