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Nomad came to us with the challenge of increasing the margins of their current Facebook advertising efforts. Being an early adopter of the Facebook Advertising platform, Nomad had a history of success with the platform but was looking to bring on a trusted partner to maintain and improve their results.

Our approach to Nomad’s challenge was to build our campaigns using more granular and segmented audiences. This approach allowed us to make adjustments not only based on ad imagery and copy, but also on user behavior metrics and individual products. During the first two months of campaigns, we were able to beat Nomad’s projections and expand the campaigns even further to build additional revenue.

The Ask

Nomad came to us with a problem that most businesses come across, they were running successful Facebook and AdWords campaigns but were encountering issues with internal bandwidth and were looking for a partner to further improve results. Nomad was running campaigns both domestically and internationally and was looking for outside expertise to improve overall ROI, while expanding their internal budgets further. We quickly tackled improving Facebook advertising and after the success in that space we transitioned to improving AdWords efforts.

The Solution

Facebook Advertising. With an existing profitable platform in place, we focused our efforts on creating more granularity in existing audiences and segmenting the already profitable ad groups. It was our belief that the key to success was to break down current ad sets to more accurately determine where value was coming from. We would then push upon the profitable ad sets to create additional revenue at these lower cost per acquisition levels. Upon the deployment of this strategy, we were able to increase overall ROI 30% within the first 90 days. Facebook pushed a case study on our joint efforts here:

AdWords Advertising. Upon the success of our Facebook campaigns, we were then tasked with improving an AdWords campaign that was running at 2 to 1 return on ad spend. Our focus here was to first eliminate wasteful keywords, ads, and campaigns. We used a combination of competitor keyword research and organic search placements to create additional keywords to build growth. Within the first 90 days, we were able to increase return on ad spend by 30%, while maintaining spend levels.

Once we stabilized ROAS, we then began testing new new tools such as Smart Shopping and ROAS Bidding Objectives. With the inclusion of these new targets, we saw even further growth in the AdWords channel.

The Results

With our entire AdWords strategy up and running, we’ve seen the channel takeoff. In the last 6 months, We’ve more than doubled the monthly spend while nearly quadrupled overall revenue.

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