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Pinkie Swear

When Your Edge Comes From the Finer Details.

In the competitive world of cosmetics, it's not easy to stand out among the crowd. Pinkie Swear not only challenges the definition of "standing out", they also created a brand and product line that do that and then some. Between their fashion-forward styles and their modern product branding, they've taken the finer details of women's fashion and turned it into the centerpiece of what gives individuals their personality. Standing out became more than just a business goal; It's their motto. 


Alongside their ambitious goals, Pinkie Swear needed an online look-and-feel that would compliment their edge and attitude. Slicedbread was tasked to build a site design that gave them the platform to demonstrate this to the world and the tools to easily scale side by side with their business and brand. 

Visually Guided Navigations

Pinkie Swear wanted an expanded navigation system that didn't follow the traditional trend of over-populated megamenus. We built a menu system that took on the spirit of an expanded menu but without the sometimes cluttered content; Focusing heavily on the products and the core of their brand's offerings. Best of all, this was built with management in mind, allowing Pinkie Swear to easily swap the images and order out without the need for an engineer. 

Custom Product Highlight Tagging

We all know that calling out particular products has a high rate of effectiveness. Pinkie Swear wanted to do this in a way where they were called out in a more stylistic manner that also matched their brand. We built them a system that leverages their Product Tags and would allow them to not only call out their products but in a unique way each time. 

Customized Page Layouts with Easy Content Management

Shopify has a near limitless ceiling of potential, but more often than not those benefits do not come out of the box. With Pinkie Swear, we worked with them to determine their regular needs to promote their business and built page templates that not only were structured to better present content, but also included the framework to easily add, remove, and update that content and never have the fear of the design faltering because of it. 

Automatic Revolving Product Carousels and Video Playback

As a way to spruce up what can often feel like a typical shopping experience, Pinkie Swear wanted more dynamism on the product page alongside the ability to display supplemental video. Leveraging Shopify's innate product management framework, we built a visual product carousel that gives the product pages life and further allows them to load custom videos unique to each product.



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