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SelfPubBookCovers offers affordable pre-made book covers for authors. They offer over 40,000 customizable covers in various styles and genres. After an author has customized and paid for their pre-made cover, the design is taken off the site, ensuring that their design remains unique to that book and author. Once a cover is sold, it is never sold again.

The Ask

Many independent authors are looking for affordable options for book covers, but it can cost a lot to hire photographers, graphic designers, etc. SelfPubBookCovers offers an attractive, affordable solution. While the brand doesn't have many competitors that offer such an expansive service, there aren't many authors aware of the brand.

The Solution

Landing Page Design: The platform the original site was designed on is old and not capable of making big changes to the design without sacrificing key structural pieces of the pre-made cover software. We built three new landing pages that were more visually appealing for users who visited the site from ads.



Paid Social: Broad top-funnel prospecting on Facebook / Instagram using both lookalike and affinity audiences. Those external audiences are then nurtured into a remarking campaign consisting of people who engaged with various aspects of the brand's digital sphere. Creative has a heavy focus on various top-performing book genres such as romance, sci-fi, action, etc.

Paid Search: Prospecting search campaigns focused on broad keywords such as book cover designs, pre-made covers, etc. Nurturing campaigns were in place to catch people searching for branded terms as well as display ads to retarget website visitors on other sites.

The Results

Lifetime Paid Search Return on Ad Spend
Average Paid Social Cost per Click
Lifetime Website Bounce Rate Decrease


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