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Skyline Capital Group

Skyline Capital Group is a Boutique Commercial Real Estate Finance firm whose primary focus understands the uniqueness of every transaction as well as the individual needs and goals of each client. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, they have maintained strong relationships with Savings Banks, CMBS, Life, and other specialty lenders across the country.

The Ask

Skyline Capital reached out to SB to explore opportunities for lead generation within the unique environment that COVID offered. With lending rates the lowest in a lifetime, but a depressed economy to along with, the opportunities for guiding clients through refinancing and cash-out loan processes are especially strong.

The Solution

First, we created a custom landing page with lead gen form to better inform and service the needs of the new volume of users coming to the site.

Then, we ensured that all proper tracking measures were set up to inform our lead gen process - Google ad conversion tracking, FB pixel tracking, Linkedin conversion tracking, Bing conversion tracking - all upon form submission, and an integration into Google Analytics to better understand the most relevant segments of users being sent to the site.

Finally, we built and launched a set of ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, and Linkedin to reach a broad range of potential leads, ranging from development managers to executive assistants, to mom and pop shops running their own multi-family living complexes.

The Results

Average Total Cost per Lead
Paid Search Average Cost per Lead
Average cost per click
Average Click Through Rate

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