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Tech Armor is one of the biggest brands in cell phone screen protection, but it wasn’t always that way. We worked along side of the Tech Armor brand to help build its online presence and push its rapid expansion into the market.

The Ask

For Tech Armor, we were tasked with creating an overall SEO strategy to bring it’s search placements to the top of Google Search in order to improve the search value of the Tech Armor site, and increase overall traffic to the website through organic channels.

The Solution

In order to drive campaign success, our team implemented a multifaceted approach that focused on both onpage copy and technical optimization. We knew that with the release of the iPhone 6 we would have the ability to push the brand presence drastically if we could piggyback off of iPhone 6 related terms. With that we implemented this strategy months before the launch of the iPhone and we’re able to capture many of the top search terms.

Once we get to top of Google Search, all we had to do was wait and watch until the iPhone 6 was announced.

The Results

The result of our efforts are one of our greatest success stories. We saw unprecedented growth in the brand, and witnessed the business explode overnight. We’ve replicated the strategy year after year with each subsequent launch and have seen the business continue to grow.

Organic Traffic Year over Year
Organic Revenue Year over Year
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