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Touchland creates the next generation of hand sanitizers, capable of meetings the health and wellness needs of today's consumers with a fast-evaporating, naturally moisturizing & sanitizing formula that keeps your hands soft, clean, and smelling great. 

The Ask

Having already explored digital strategies in their first few years of public product offering, Touchland came to SB seeking an aggressive growth strategy intended both to clean up existing campaigns and work to expand as quickly as possible. The rapid onset of COVID-19 in the US across February-March 2020 pushed the pedal to the floor on this process and also forced us to quickly account for and pivot around for unexpected impacts to both product and ad channel availability.

The Solution

Google Ads: Originally a secondary channel, the issues with Facebook due to COVID pushed the bulk of our spend and growth quickly over to Google. We executed this with a comprehensive brand campaign, non-brand sets focused on both product and competitor (low CPA bid strategy-driven for the latter) keywords, and a heavy push into Shopping.
Facebook Ads: A robust, full funneled strategy focused primarily on Facebook was brought to a halt within 6 months of our time working together because of the onset of COVID-19. Despite repeated attempts to resolve with team FB, the policy of zero advertising on hand sanitizer to protect vulnerable users during the pandemic forced us to think on our feet and provide solutions outside of the Facebook ad platform to help counter that loss of exposure for the brand.
Other Ad Channels: Criteo, Bing, Pinterest Catalog Ads, Tiktok ads were all added following the Facebook limitation with the express focus of providing at least some of the prospecting power of FB on the parts of Pinterest, Tiktok, and Criteo. We also built out basic search structures on Bing as well as a heavy display remarketing focus on Criteo's network.

The Results

Lifetime Paid Search Return on Ad Spend
Lifetime Paid Social Return on Ad Spend
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