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Front End Shopify Developer

Who We Are

We are Slicedbread - a boutique digital creative, marketing, and advertising agency based in Los Angeles, California. With the endlessly evolving digital landscape that is the world wide web, we are constantly striving to find creative and inspiring ways to communicate with the broader audience through the tools and platforms that helped us make information so widely accessible. With commitment, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly, the right team, we have no doubt that our unique methods toward online marketing and advertising will pave the way for more efficient, effective, and meaningful relationships that can be built between people from all walks of life. 


What We Want 

We are looking for a full-time, front end Shopify web developer with a proven track record of having worked and developed in Shopify and Shopify Plus environments. We would like someone who not only brings the necessary skills to build robust and complex Shopify stores and features but also with the experience and “craftiness” to think outside of the box when certain projects or situations call for them. This candidate ideally would not only be able to showcase their work in Shopify, but also demonstrate complex problems that they were tasked to solve and be creative with the tools they were given. Proven experience working in Shopify and Shopify Plus with website examples and/or a portfolio is required and applicants otherwise will not be considered


Candidates MUST Have:

  • 5+ years of work experience developing in Shopify/Shopify Plus, demonstrated in a portfolio.
    • Proven track record and examples of experience developing in Shopify using Liquid.
    • Proven track record and examples of experience using front end languages supported by Shopify (ie. HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript/jQuery)
    • A deep understanding of the use cases with Shopify’s Sections and Blocks and its relation with JSON.
    • A deep understanding of using Shopify’s various public APIs.
    • Proficiency using libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap and React.
    • Proficiency using build tools (ie. Gulp/Grunt, ThemeKit). 
    • Proficiency working with version control systems (ie. Git) within the command line.
    • Proficiency with extracting assets from Creative (ie. PSD, XD, and AI files).


    The Ideal Candidate Should Have:

    • Capable of understanding and creating and leveraging modern design practices in builds where creative is otherwise not provided.
    • Familiarity with developing third-party software within the Shopify application ecosystem.
    • Familiarity and experience in any of the other the following platforms:
      • Wordpress
      • Drupal
      • Magento
      • BigCommerce
      • Laravel
    • Proficient in setting up development and staging environments.
    • Proficient in using and altering MySQL databases. 
    • Familiarity with server structures, specifically Apache and Nginx.
    • Familiarity with domain management and DNS records.
    • Familiarity with Agile and Waterfall work environments.


    Nice to haves:

    • Familiarity with digital marketing/advertising and the role development plays.
    • Familiarity with other web languages such as PHP/Ruby.
    • Familiarity in working with servers such as AWS and Media Temple.
    • Familiarity with ADA compliance and executing web builds with those measures.
    • Proficient in systems administrative tasks, such as cache setup/configuration, server load balancing, CDN technologies, etc. 


    What we offer in return:

    • A highly collaborative work environment that takes a team first approach.
    • Freedom to work in the comfort of your home office, cafe, etc.
    • Flexible remote work schedule and hours that make sense for your time zone and daily life, as long as delivery dates are met. 
    • Paid vacation, holidays, sick days (it’s important to take time off to recharge). 
    • Really awesome people. No joke.


    Applicants will receive a test to demonstrate certain competencies and will need to have completed within a certain timeframe. The details of the test will be provided to applicants separately. Please be prepared for a lengthy test. 

    Application Form

    Please fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge. Provide as much detail to maximize your eligibility for an interview. 

    Please be advised - we recommend keeping a separate backup of your application on another document before you submit. If there is an error in your application, the form may clear your entry after submission.

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    Front End Shopify Developer

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