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Remarketing Done Right - Instant Experiences-Based Audiences for Facebook

You may have noticed that times are changing, and website-based remarketing audiences aren’t quite as reliable as they used to be. 

With an overall decrease in size after a 2021 iOS update, and reporting that isn’t as clear for inexperienced users as it once was, now may be the right time for businesses to take advantage of other, warmer audiences provided by Facebook. 

Keep reading for our tips on how to create and use ‘Instant Experiences’-based audiences in your Facebook ads. 

What are ‘Instant Experiences’?

Instant Experiences are essentially rebranded Canvas ads: they’re full-screen mobile experiences that open after someone taps your ad on their device, and they’re used to grab the attention of your audience by highlighting your products/services.

Instant experiences example - room interior

How To Build Instant Experiences

To build an Instant Experience, take the following steps:  

  1. Go to ‘Ads Manager’.
  2. Create a new campaign with an objective that supports Instant Experiences. 
  3. Add your campaign, including ad set details: budget, audience, placements and optimization.
  4. In the ‘ad format’ section, select ‘single image’ or ‘video’, then ‘carousel’ or ‘collection’. (If you can't select a certain ad format, it may not be compatible with your campaign objective.)
  5. Select the ‘add an Instant Experience’ option. 
  6. Click ‘choose a template’ and select ‘custom Instant Experience’.
  7. Select and arrange the components that you want: buttons, carousels, photos, videos, text blocks & more.
  8. Optimize your Instant Experience by reviewing: Facebook Instant Experience: Recommended specs 
  9. When you've finished editing your Instant Experience, click ‘save’. 
  10. Preview the Instant Experience by clicking on ‘mobile preview’. 
  11. Click ‘finish’ to complete.

That’s all there is to it! The Instant Experience you created will now be included in your ad. When a person taps your ad on a mobile device, the Instant Experience will open, allowing them to engage with your content.

Building Instant Experiences-based Audiences

You can optimize the Instant Experiences feature even further, by creating engagement with a custom audience. 

Facebook audience sources: illustrating a variety of targeting options for audience selection

Here’s how:

  1. Go to ‘audiences’.
  2. Click ‘create audience’ and select ‘custom audience’.
  3. Select ‘Instant Experience’.
  4. In the ‘include’ field, choose the type of engagement you want to use.
  5. Enter the number of days you want to collect engagement on. 
  6. Select or search specific Instant Experience options.
  7. Wait a few days for your Instant Experience to populate. 

Pro Tip: Build carousel ads and send them to your Instant Experience link instead of the website. This will help you to grow your Instant Experience engagement audience. See below:

Redirecting ad clicks to instant experience link


As the industry shifts and changes, don’t be afraid of growing along with it! Lean into remarketing in order to grow your warm audiences on Facebook, and keep checking back in with us here at Slicedbread, as we continue to share the newest audience types being created from user engagement.  


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