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Danse Lente

Contemporary Aesthetics, Modern Architecture, French Inspired Handbags.

Danse Lente (or "slow dance" in French) strives to bring to the world an interpretation of French-inspired handbags that is unparalleled to their competition. Each design showcases a traditional French elegance but also a playful personality that bridges the two worlds in a complimentary way. Slicedbread was introduced to not only help broadcast this message to their audience and the world, but to also build a solution that would allow them to scale this endeavor in a reliable and effective way. 


Danse Lente came from a platform and environment that while well built was difficult to make updates. In our fast-moving modern world, nimbleness and access at your finger tips becomes ever more important and Danse Lente needed an eCommerce platform and springboard to keep up with their fast moving growth. Logically, Shopify was an obvious solution and Slicedbread stepped in to make that happen. While the design from their old platform remained the same on their new Shopify store, their access to functionality was grossly expanded. 

Custom Main Collections Layout

Building a layout like this in Shopify isn't complicated, but making it easily client-manageable is. On their main Collections page, Danse Lente wanted to showcase each of their individual collection lines in a unique way, while still having the ability to change things such as the order, main graphic, and descriptive text at their finger tips. Slicedbread built their primary Collections template using Sections and Blocks and based on sub-Collections templates that allowed them to easily choose which collection line was to be highlighted in that moment, in any order they desire, and most importantly all within a few clicks away. 

Full Product Display Above Fold

With ever increasingly smaller device screens of all shapes and sizes, it is becoming difficult to capture all of the important details and images before a user is required to scroll. Danse Lente's design not only allows for this to be possible across a wide array of devices, but this has also been built in a way where new colors, details, and images can be added/removed within the client's immediate access without compromise to the infrastructure of the page. 

Three-Tiered Product Descriptions, All in One Accessible WYSIWYG

Multi-tiered descriptions on Shopify product pages have always been a hurdle for Shopify users. Slicedbread helped developed a very simple system, employing very rudimentary short codes that allow for the client to create tiered, accordion-based descriptions all within a single WYSIWYG editor window within their Shopify Product configuration page. Need more tabs? No problem -- simply add more short codes and the site will automatically parse this into a neatly added accordion. 

Fully Controlled Social Feed to Influence Shopping

Instagram feeds are great, but sometimes you want more control over what is being shown to the user to influence their purchase. Slicedbread helped build a system where Danse Lente can select specific Instagram photos posted by real users that correspond to the product page the user is viewing. This allows them to curate this experience in a very meaningful way. Best part? It doesn't just hold 4 images; More images beyond that will allow you to scroll.




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