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Rachel Lynn Chicago

Bringing the curated in-person jewelry shopping experience online.

Online custom jewelry shopping is nothing new in our modern world of eCommerce. But most of these experiences are lackluster to say the least and lack the same fostered experience that a customer would receive in an actual store. Rachel Lynn Chicago brings that sense of customer service to the web front and facilitates a truly customer-centric experience using a vehicle that for so long has felt one-dimensional. Rachel Lynn Chicago provides custom boutique jewelry that gives the customer a feeling of high quality handmade goods that are unparalleled to the manufactured counterparts. 


When we first met with Rachel Lynn Chicago, they needed a solution that embodied their desire to make an online eCommerce shopping experience feel closer to the in-person experience that otherwise has felt impossible to achieve given the nature of online shopping. Specifically, they wanted a solution that allowed their customers to build a custom bracelet where it didn't feel like going through a spreadsheet of options and could be better visualized of what the customer could expect. We provided that solution that not only gives the customer a hands-on experience, but also allows Rachel Lynn Chicago to easily manage orders without requiring new apps, plugins, or tricks to fulfill.

Full Page Builder

One of the key features that online custom jewelry retailers lack is the sense that the customer is in the driver seat, building their jewelry in an intuitive way. Rachel Lynn Chicago's builder provides a very intuitive, step-by-step framework that allows the customer to really feel like they are on the production floor, choosing and picking out exactly what they want in their piece. Customers are able to easily visualize dozens of different options and get a sense of what their bracelet would look like by the time it arrives. 

Drag-and-Drop Capabilities

To further the sense of an intuitive user experience, users are able to easily drag-and-drop bracelets and charms into the builder and making modifications to find the best combination of charms and spacing. Hours could potentially be spent designing the perfect bracelet in this step of the building process while still feeling fun and easy. 

Easily Tacked-On Additional Options

It's important not to inundate users with options too early on that could jeopardize the total shopping experience. With Rachel Lynn Chicago's custom bracelet builder, they are provided with an easy-to-use final stage option where they can choose to apply an add-on option for their customers to further enhance their bracelet. This stage can be easily updated and modified to any type of add-on that they deem fit. 

Easy Order Fulfillment

One of the biggest concerns among Shopify users is the headache that might come along with new features that break out of the standard shopping experience mold. With this endeavor, we strived to build a system that leveraged Shopify's standard order fulfillment framework so that no new learning curve or additional third-party tools were required. All orders for custom bracelets are managed directly from the normal Orders section of your admin dashboard, and all fulfillment details are listed in the same place.




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