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Default Setups to be Aware of When Building a Campaign on Meta

So you’re ready to set your first campaign on Meta– awesome. 

Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes that can change your ad's intended message and impact. 

After picking your campaign objective and the way you want to design your campaign (whether it’s advantage+ of manual setup), keep in mind that at ad set level, Meta automatically sets the conversion location to Website and shop. 

In this situation, if you only need to direct customers to the website, make sure you have the website option checked. 

Screenshot showing conversion location settings with website and shop options checked

Also at ad level, Meta picks catalog by default, so you need to change that option into manual upload, if you have your own creative (photo, headlines and primary text).

Screenshot displaying ad level settings with 'Catalog' selected as the creative source and Carousel format chosen.

When you opt for a manual upload & a carousel ad, after you’ve filled in your headline + description, don’t forget to have the following features revised, as they are automatically set for you:

    • Profile end card (is a final card with your page profile picture.)
    • Relevant comments (relevant comments are served below your ad on both Instagram feed and mobile feed.)
    • Music (Meta automatically picks music for your ad, so heck if it’s relevant for your ad or not.)
    • Highlight carousel ad (Meta shows the best performing card first.)
Screenshot displaying the Advantage+ Creative option

Be careful selecting a promo code option when creating a carousel ad, as you don’t want to choose a promo code which doesn’t apply to your creative.

Screenshot highlighting the promo code option in the carousel ad creation interface

If you opt for the standard ad, you will have some other customizations by default, so make sure you’re aware of them and what they do to your creative:

    • Image template (your image can feature the text you provided in your text or headline section right on your picture.) 
    • Visual touchpoints (Meta will automatically improve your aspect ratio, contrast or brightness.)
    • Text improvements (this means that any text you provided into primary text and headline can be reversed.)
Screenshot displaying the Advantage+ Creative option with partially optimized status

There’s quite a few things you need to look out for when creating your first ad campaign. Because Meta sets many features by default, take time to play around with the settings and double-check for accuracy before posting. Being mindful of these details will keep your ads from accidentally being modified without you realizing how or why.


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