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Facebook's Product Catalog Sales - When & How To Use It

Have you ever looked at an item of clothing on some website and then within minutes been bombarded with ads regarding that specific item or many similar ones? If you didn't know how this is even possible, it's happening through Facebook's product catalog sales campaigns.

If you are familiar with Facebook Ads, you’ve probably heard of a catalog sales ad. If you haven't used it yet, you've seen them for sure after viewing a product on an online marketplace. If you feel like your potential clients could use a little nudge in the direction of becoming real clients, you should try Product catalog sales campaigns! It’s a great way of getting those uncertain folks into the certain category.

Here is how you can retarget your ads with product catalog sales:

In Facebook Ads, create a new campaign, and under Conversions, pick the product Catalog Sales objective:

By choosing this objective, you can dynamically remarket your ads or find valuable leads that haven't yet interacted with your business.

After this step, you will get to Ad set creation. Here you can pick your audience, based on your product views, abandoned carts and purchases.


Views: Once a potential customer views your product but doesn't show any additional intent to actually purchase it, you can remind them about it by giving them another look.

Add to cart: If a potential customer abandons products in their cart, you can show them ads of exactly those same products. Maybe they forgot, maybe something happened that made them leave your products behind. Why not give them a reason to return to your website and complete the purchase?

Purchase: After your clients buy your products, you can use Product catalog sales campaigns to showcase similar products, upcoming collections or anything else that you feel they might have an interest in.

Now let's move on to Ad creation! This campaign has one ad format – product sales. You can either go with carousel ads or single image ads. Using carousel ads might be handy if you want to showcase more products at once, like an entire collection that features the product they may have already interacted with.

The products showcased/generated in your ads are based completely on buyer’s behavior. If they express interest in, purchased or just looked at any item, that's what they're going to see more of. This type of ad is custom, personalized to each and every client. This helps you connect better with them and give them what they like to see… especially considering the platform already knows what that is.

All there is left to do for you now is to sit back and watch the magic of dynamic ads happen before your eyes! No more picking and choosing, just let the automation track their behavior and give them exactly what they’re looking for. Simple enough, no?


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