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Boost Post vs. Create Ad: A Small But Important Difference

You’ve created a Facebook page for your business, you’ve spent the tedious hours fine tuning all of the copy and creative, and you’re excited to get in touch with your clients! I would be too! So what’s your first move? I imagine it’s making your very first post. But what...

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Make Your Brand Facebook Official By Creating A Business Page

Did you know 2.4 billion people use Facebook, monthly? If that is not a clear and powerful reason for you to start showcasing your products and services to larger audiences,...

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More Is Not Always Better: The New Limit on Facebook Ads - Explained

I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that just because you have a big quantity, doesn’t mean you have more quality. In the same vain, more ad...

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Sponsored Posts In Groups Are The New Rage

While Facebook groups have been an important part of the platform since Facebook was just a fun place we visited occasionally. They have recently exploded in popularity as Facebook began...

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Facebook's Product Catalog Sales - When & How To Use It

Have you ever looked at an item of clothing on some website and then within minutes been bombarded with ads regarding that specific item or many similar ones? If you...

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Campaign Budget Optimisation on Facebook. Yea or Nay?

After announcing in February that Campaign Budget Optimisation (in short CBO) will be mandatory, Facebook has now pushed back on the mandate and it is no longer mandatory. The decision...

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Getting A Grip On Your Facebook Ad Quality Ranking

Facebook wants both advertisers and users to be satisfied, therefore, it would make sense that people should see the most relevant ads for them and advertisers only want their ads...

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How To Reduce Cost In Facebook Ads

When moving to new audiences or “unexploited” audiences you should be aware of the fact that Facebook will ask you for more money. Now don’t worry this is not a...

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Facebook Lookalike Audiences

One of the key components to a successful Facebook ad campaign is choosing the right audience. While your creative can be 100000% on point, and your campaign settings are all...

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Is it Time to Switch Agencies?

Is it really time for you to start looking for a new agency? Maybe, but you need to look for the right signs to determine if it is time for...

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Facebook Ad Optimization: Where to Start? At the Beginning!

The timeless question… a question that has been asked since the dawn of time… since the cavemen began to sell apples from the tree. Are my Facebook ads converting, and...

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