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How To Get More Organic Reach For Your Facebook Content

Content is king! I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before… we all have, in fact, if you ask me, we’re all getting kind of sick of seeing it referenced all over the internet. Obviously good content is good! However, the problem with this sentiment is that in the process of telling everyone that they must produce great content, nobody is able to really explain to you what great content really is, and how to make it. They just tell you that it exists. 

So as you struggle to produce one piece of incredible content that will skyrocket your Facebook organic reach, maybe it’s time we bow to a different king, which is simply… a good Facebook marketing strategy for whatever content you ARE making.

Let’s explore a short & sweet list instead, created to help increase your organic reach on your Facebook business page.  

  • Use Facebook Recommended Guidelines For Content

  • While you might think that you are a content genius and your ideas are the epitome of cinematic brilliance, you are still putting this brilliance on Facebook and it’s their algorithms that push it out to the general population. It’s best to know what Facebook recommends so that your brilliant piece of content will be treated well by the algorithm that will drive its placement. 

    Here are some Facebook recommendations to know...

    • Videos - Facebook officially encourages you to publish videos with at least 3 minutes long to increase the organic distribution, which means your videos will be shown organically to more people. 
    • FB Live -  gets 6 times more engagement than uploaded video content type - try to go live at least once a week if you can.
    • Watch parties - people are 800% more likely to comment, according to Facebook, so a communal watching might be a good idea for you.
    • Simple short questions -  by posing easy quick questions you are engaging with your audience and asking for them to participate in the experience which drives more awareness.

  • Dial-in your content strategy

  • The name of the game is not to just release anything, but to have a specific and well thought out content strategy that feels cohesive and gives your audience a well-curated set of entertaining and insightful pieces of content that they can grow to expect, appreciate, and look forward to.

    A few content thoughts...

    • Try and post less content and focus on quality instead. Posting things to post things does not yield the results you think it would. Good content keeps people around, bad content drives people away and causes them to lose trust in your brand.
    • Avoid being completely off-topic - If the video is about fishing, don’t talk about a blue blouse instead. Make sure that all of your content is directly related to what you do and what you sell.
    • Avoid engagement baits - using expressions such as “like, share, comment” in your video or text content is becoming a bit overdone and thus not very inspiring to an audience who sees it all the time. It’s desperate, they’ll do those things whether or not you tell them to.
    • Drive traffic from all other channels to your Facebook page - use your post’s unique URL on your email list, blog, or Twitter account.
    • Integrate a messenger chatbot - use it for quick and fun little reminders and updates on content that is about to drop on your page.

  • Use these pro tips to keep your content fresh and your audiences engaged

  • Take your content to the next level by considering these special features available on the Facebook platform that will really make your content jump off the page.

    • Captions - For videos with dialogue, include captions to increase watch time and reach. Many people watch videos without sound as they scroll, giving them something to read keeps them around longer.
    • Monetize your videos with in-stream ads -  By including these in-stream ads, you are giving Facebook an incentive to promote your videos. They want to make money too!
    • Allocate ad budget for your best performing posts - Even with a small amount of money you can promote your best content to your warm audiences (social media engagers, website visitors, people who have engaged with your content and business before) and get more engagement. These audiences will bring other people in for you.
    • Increase posting frequency while running the ads -  While bringing traffic to your Facebook page, create more content for your new users and followers to interact with. However, this is not a reason to post useless content, it should all still be quality.

    Remember that an engaged Facebook page will always benefit your business, especially if you’re also running conversion ads. As people come through to check out your content, they might just check out your products, and that’s what you’re aiming for in the end. Keep your Facebook page updated with great content, and this will make audiences more relevant and more receptive to buying your product, on and off your Facebook page. Now go create!


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