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Utilizing Bulk Editing Tools With Ads Manager

Editing campaign details one by one - especially when dealing with multiple campaigns that include several ads - can be both troublesome and time consuming. 

Whether you’re trying to edit ad names, scheduling times, or setting a universal Call To Action button, having the option to edit ads in bulk rather than individually, can save enormous amounts of time. 

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and have found some super cool features that allow you to do just that! Keep reading for some of our favorite Ads Manager bulk editing tool hacks!

Editing Duplicate Ads in Multiple Ad Sets

If you have an ad that exists in multiple ad sets and you want to edit elements like:

  • Headline
  • Primary Text
  • Photo
  • Video
  • CTA Button
  • Website URL
  • UTM 


  1. Select all ad sets that contain the specific ad that you’d like to edit.
  2. Select all identical ads that you’d like to edit.
  3. With all ads still selected, click “edit”.
  4. Make all necessary changes.
  5. Click “publish”.

    Remember that you also have the ability to edit placement on certain ad sets, even if it doesn’t include all of them. Just remember to select all ad sets that you’d like to work with before making the desired change!

    Scheduling Multiple Ad Sets

    Manually scheduling multiple ad sets to start and end at a specific time of day seems pretty straight forward, right? Wrong. Human error is a very real thing, and while working with schedules manually may seem fool-proof, it’s easy to make mistakes. 

    To reduce the margin for error and save you valuable time, check your work by doing the following:

    1. Select all respective ad sets.
    2. Click “edit”.
    3. If the scheduled time is the same for all ad sets, no changes need to be made - you’re good to go!
    4. If you see the term “mixed values” appear in the schedule field, this is a flag that an error has been made.
    5. Go back and double check your scheduling times to get all ads on the same schedule. When they align, the “mixed values” flag will disappear - you’re good to go!

    Note: As a general rule, in order to edit more than one ad / ad set at once, they should have the same format and be in campaigns with the same objective. If they don’t, they won’t have the same available fields to edit. 

    Utilizing The Find & Replace Tool

    “Find & Replace” is an underused tool that can save enormous amounts of time! Let’s say you’re working with duplicated ads / ad sets that all share a common word or phrase that you no longer want to include in the ad copy. To remove the unwanted word or phrase in one fell swoop, take these steps:

    1. Select all ads / ad sets that you’d like to edit.
    2. Click on the dropdown menu near the “edit” button and find the “Find and Replace” option.
    3. Select the phrase you want to remove and in its place type “ “ (a space). This will replace the unwanted word or phrase with a blank space in all selected ads / ad sets.


    These are just a few of our go-to editing tips to keep in mind when using Ads Manager. Remember: before you begin editing campaigns one by one, see if there are quicker bulk solutions that match your needs! Time is money, so make the most of it!


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