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Which KPI’s Matter When Advertising On Facebook

These days, most businesses use Facebook for online proof and for engaging with their customers. According to statistica, Facebook users in the United States of America are the second largest demographic as of April 2024.

Screenshot of a chart showing that Facebook users in the United States are the second largest demographic as of April 2024.

Since you know that the majority of your audience is probably on Facebook, if you aren’t already utilizing the platform, now would be a great time to start investing in online advertising. Here are some things you should keep in mind for the best results:

Depending on the campaign objective, there are some KPIs (key performance indicators) that you can keep an eye on:

Screenshot of Facebook's campaign objectives selection screen and list of objectives.
  • If you are into awareness, show ads to the people who are most likely to remember them. You can use this objective for increasing brand awareness, showing your ads to as many people as possible, and showing videos of your business to the people most likely to watch them. When gauging performance, here are some KPIs that will guide you in fulfilling your objective:
      • Reach: the number of people who saw your ads at least once. 
      • Frequency: how many times, on average, people saw your ads.
      • Video Plays: the number of times your video starts to play for the first time.
      • Cost per 1.000 people reached: the total amount spent, divided by reach and multiplied by 1.000.
  • If you want more traffic to your website, app, Facebook event, or your business is quite new— you can direct some of your marketing efforts into a traffic objective campaign. You can follow these KPIs:
      • CPC: the average cost for each link click
      • Link clicks: the number of clicks within ads that led to advertiser-specific destinations on or off Meta technologies.
      • Landing page views: the number of views for the destination link you picked for your ads.
      • Calls: the number of people who call your business
  • Do you want to have people more engaged in your content, and have them comment, like, or share your ads? You can pick the engagement objective. Here are some KPIs you can follow:
      • Post Comments: The total number of comments on your ad.
      • Post Reactions: The total number of reactions to your ad, including: Like, love, care, haha, wow, sad, and angry.
      • Post Shares: The total number of shares. People can share your ads on their own, on their friend’s timelines, in groups, or on their respective pages.
      • Follows or Likes: The number of follows you receive attributed to your ad.
      • Event Responses: The number of going or interested responses attributed to your ads. 

Depending on your campaign goals, following these simple steps will allow you to track an array of different objectives and maximize your KPIs.


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