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How to Add a Link Into Shopify Schema Info

The look and organization of an online shop is an important aspect of having a successful business. Shopify has developed "Theme Editor" to provide a simple way for store owners to customize their business. With this tool, Shopify stores can easily change the content of pages in a way that better matches the needs of the company. If you are someone who adapts Shopify themes for clients, it should be a priority to build an easy-to-use experience for them.

Fields Found In Theme Editor: images, texts, URLs, and others are added in the schema settings found in the corresponding section file. 

EXAMPLE #1: Add a URL of a video.

If we want to create a text field with the URL of a video added in Shopify Files, we would use something like this:


      "type": "text",

      "id": "video_url",

      "label": "Video URL",

      "info": "To add a video to Shopify, upload it using the Files page"


The result would appear like this in the Theme Editor:

Appearing of Theme Editor field

EXAMPLE #2: Add a video URL and a link to the files page. 

This time, we want to help the user upload a video and we want to add a link for the words “Files page” that would open the Files page. To do this, a button label should be added to the prior example “[Button_label]” and it should be followed by the button URL inside the parenthesis “(Button_URL)”. 

The schema setting will now look like this:


      "type": "text",

      "id": "video_url",

      "label": "Video URL",

      "info": "To add a video to Shopify, upload it using the [Files page](/admin/settings/files)"


The Theme Editor field will now appear:

Visual representation of the updated theme editor field


Managing an online store has many overwhelming components and it's important to simplify it as much as possible. By adding the above buttons, you will greatly increase the ease and positive experience for the shop. If you would like additional digital marketing strategy, contact us at Slicedbread. Our team of experts are available to help.


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