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Make Your Shopify Product Pages Sing With This Handy Sections/Blocks Workaround

That Shopify homepage is the star of the show, no doubt! That’s where you land, that’s where the funnel begins, that’s where the magic happens. Luckily, Shopify gives you an easy way to customize this page with the Sections and Blocks framework that really lets you add all of the bells and whistles to where they matter most. However, once you get into the product pages… the customization fades away. You no longer get the freedom you had with the homepage. More specifically, if you wanted to make additional slideshows of pictures on the product page, you couldn’t do that using this method, so here’s one that works!

Here’s the good news. Shopify product administration does allow that when you add an image with an Alt attribute. Now, here’s the sneaky part, we can actually use that Input textfield for the Alt to store more information. So not just the Alt that we want to appear on the page for an image, but other more exciting things.

To achieve this effect, we can create a structure of tags for the images of a product Alts, so that they will be displayed in more sliders on a page.

The tags for displaying 3 sliders on a page are:

[slider1][/slider1] [slider2][/slider2] [slider3][/slider3] [section_title] [/section_title] [section_description] [/section_description] [section_label] [/section_label] [section_url] [/section_url]

For an image that should appear on slider 1, the Alt looks like this:

[slider1][section_title]Title[/section_title][section_description]Description[/section_description][section_label]Button label[/section_label][section_url]http://button-url[/section_url][/slider1]

On the pages where we want these images to appear, we read their Alts. Once we get the information from them, we group them to the right divs(slider1, slider2, slider3) and we create sliders from those divs.

And that’s it! Simple as that, and you get the same effect as nested blocks in a slideshow section on the homepage. Make the choice to put the same effort into your product pages as you do into your homepage so that you can make every stop on your Shopify the headliner of your show!

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