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Add Vimeo Videos In The Image Area Of A Product in The Shopify Venture Theme

Product images are one thing, but product videos, that’s a whole new level of awesome. I’m sure you’ve considered putting YouTube videos up in your product image galleries, and there are a few ways to make that happen, but most people who work in the film industry will tell you...

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Two Or More Featured Images For A Collection In Shopify

If you find yourself in Shopify in any capacity, you probably already know that Shopify allows you to upload a featured image for a collection, and for the most part...

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Integrating A Responsive Page for Youtube Videos in Shopify

While it is commonly known that a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video has 24 pictures every second, so to count how many words a video is worth is...

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Optimize Your Images In Shopify Themes For Better Performance

Load times are important, no way around that fact. People are surfing on their phones, on computers, on WiFi hotspots, so in the unbelievably fast-paced world of online browsing, even...

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Ordering Your Shopify Product Collections By Size Tags

Filters are everything! Whether you are shopping the sale section of your favorite online brand for some new jeans and only want to see your size, or looking at analytics...

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Blog Articles Navigation Through An Image Gallery In Shopify

One of the great features of the Shopify platform is giving its users an interface to create and post blog posts on their website. In fact, you might be surprised...

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Shopify - Progressive Web Apps

YOUR SHOPIFY STORE? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Anything you could imagine, there’s an app for that! With the advent of smart phone technology and tablets, “there’s an app for...

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Leveraging The Full Power Of Shopify's Product Media Feature

At the start of this year Shopify launched the product media feature. With this new feature, in addition to images you can now also add videos and 3D models to...

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Leveraging The Power Of Alternate Layouts In Shopify

I suspect a lot of Shopify developers are like me and spend so much time daily working on template, section, and snippet files that it is easy to overlook the...

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Changing Your Collection Header Image Depending On The Tag

Header images are often used on Collection pages in Shopify as a bit of a preview of what is to come. Your collection page is often overlooked as far as...

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Get Around Those Pesky Limits & Use The Shopify API To Get Your Data

You’ve got some products and an internet connection, so you’ve got a website.  You’ve got a website full of products, so your website has data.  You’ve got a website that...

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How To Get Around Shopify's 50 Product Limit In Collections

Although Shopify is an incredible resource for eCommerce, Shopify intentionally limits the number of products you can access in the collection object to 50 per page. In other words, the...

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Why & How To Improve Your Store’s Performance

While there was a time that even selling your products online put you ahead of other retailers, that time is no more. Everyone has the capability of selling their products...

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Randomizing Content In Shopify

At this point, you have most likely come to learn that, any time your client asks for a “quick update” or a really “simple fix” it’s never actually quick or...

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A Sneaky Yet Useful Option For Optimizing Images on Shopify

One of the best things you can do for yourself and for your business is to educate yourself on all of the platforms, services, and applications that you use in...

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Shopify Filter By Tag With Capital Letters

Shopify offers an automatic way for filtering collections, this is by using product tags. If you want to see only the products that have a specific tag from a collection,...

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Bulk Control Fonts And Color Styles in Shopify With Just A Link

When making a Shopify online store, you want to be able to control every single aspect of your website. You want each page to look exactly like you want (or...

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Expanding the Shopify Rich Text Editor with Shortcodes

Look at you, you’re a renaissance man… or woman! You aren’t constrained by anything. Your products have as many variants as YOU decide, not what your platform tells you. Only...

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How To Add A Link Towards The First Collection That Contains A Product

Sometimes, if you take enough turns, you forget the way back. That’s true for both exploring nature and exploring websites. The best bet to find your way back is the...

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Automatically Open the First Available Variant Using Liquid and jQuery

What is an online store if you can’t have multiple options of every item. What are you only going to sell shirts in one color, shoes in one size, and...

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Parsing Query String Parameters in Shopify

While Shopify is a very powerful tool for eCommerce businesses to showcase their products and customize their website to suit their specific needs, when it comes to the nitty gritty...

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How to Develop a "Build a Box" Product in Shopify - Part 2: How to Remove the Limit on Flavors in the Box

That’s right folks! A sequel… and let me say something right off the bat. I know that most sequels are never as good as the original, but I’m going to...

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Sometimes You Just Want More Words. How to Add a Secondary Product Description in Shopify.

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes your client wants another 1,000… because, you know… otherwise, the world apparently explodes. Or, sometimes you just have a...

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Customize Your Product Variant Dropdown in Shopify

Outside of the all of the nitty gritty details of what makes your business function, the core of what your users interact with on a daily basis is your brand...

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Take Control of More Than the Color Wheel and Apply RGBA Color Elements to Shopify via Theme Editor

When designing the elements of your Shopify store, you have the nearly infinite color spectrum at your fingertips. Colors that only have names on paint store color swatches. The conventional...

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How to Develop a "Build a Box" Product in Shopify

IT’S ALIVE! Cried Dr. Frankenstein as his monster came to life. A monster composite monster comprised of a number of parts from many different people. A Halloween classic, and surprisingly...

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SHOW ME THE MONEY: How to Find the Price of the Most Expensive Item in a Shopify Store

Whether it’s for bragging rights, or you’re trying to give someone an idea of the prices of the products you sell, or you just want to know for the hell...

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Two Pictures for the Price of One! The Shopify Gallery Hack You’ve Been Looking For

Every click counts. Every swipe matters. Every scroll is important. The speed with which people are cruising through websites makes the Autobahn look like an elementary school parking lot, which...

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Make Your Shopify Product Pages Sing With This Handy Sections/Blocks Workaround

That Shopify homepage is the star of the show, no doubt! That’s where you land, that’s where the funnel begins, that’s where the magic happens. Luckily, Shopify gives you an...

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