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Increase Sales with an "Upsell" Product Block

Making an online sale isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to market properly to attract customers to your site, build a user-friendly online shop and have a product that out-competes similar brands. So once you finally have a patron committed to purchasing your product, it's important to zone in on their attention and upsell the sale. You can do this easily with Shopify even without installing an app. 

You can offer your Shopify customers the opportunity to buy a related product by adding a block above the "Add To Cart" button. This block will prompt them with an option to buy an additional item. This simple step can impressively increase revenue for your online shop.

How an upsell block will appear to a customer:

Product image with 'Add to Cart' button

The upsell block should include an image, title, description, and a "Learn More" button.  If clicked, the "Learn More" will open the product page of the upsell product. The upsell block should also include a checkbox with the label “Add to Order'' that, if checked, will move the upsell item into the cart when the “Add to cart” button is clicked. You can also include in html, as a data attribute, the first available variant ID of the upsell product that you will need to read when adding to the cart. 

Overview On How An Upsell Block Is Created: 

  1. Create a product type metafield in the Products category. This will allow us to choose the item to be displayed in the upsell block.
  2. Now you can begin coding. You will need to create a snippet file for the upsell block that can be displayed above the “Add To Cart” button. It's good to display this snippet only if a product is added in the upsell product metafield.
  3. Look in the javascript for the code that is triggered when the button "Add To Cart" is clicked. There, together with the current product variant ID, you should also read the first available variant ID of the upsell product and change the code so that both of them are added to cart at the same time.

There you go, two sells in a single click. Adding this simple feature can make a generous difference in your online shop's revenue. Contact us at Slicedbread if you would like further support with your digital marketing needs. Our team of experts are here to help.


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