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Increase Sales with an "Upsell" Product Block

Making an online sale isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to market properly to attract customers to your site, build a user-friendly online shop and have a product that out-competes similar brands. So once you finally have a patron committed to purchasing your product, it's important to zone...

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Online Store 2.0 Changes For Theme Kit/CLI

Shopify's recent Online Store 2.0 upgrade is like a gorgeous gift box triple sealed with duct tape. While it has desirable features that will benefit your business, it also takes...

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Shopify Functions Replaces Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts is a free tool that can customize discounts in a customer's cart. Unfortunately, Shopify recently announced that support for Shopify Scripts is ending on August 13, 2024 and...

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Improve Website Speed With "Lazy Loading"

Don't let website speed be the reason customers seek a similar product or service elsewhere. Slow image or video loading isn't just a waste of time, it also uses unnecessary...

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Five Traits of a Great QA Tester

If you’re in the field of QA testing or have ever considered delving into the industry, this week’s article is for you!  Keep reading as we explore the top five...

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Create Region Centric Content On Your Website

Expanding your customer outreach to specific regions is an important part of business growth. Getting started can appear complicated but we have an approach you can easily follow. Our favorite...

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Shopify Online Store 2.0

Today we’re getting down to the nitty gritty of the latest Shopify Online Store update.  If you’re reading this as a Shopify developer, it’s likely that you’re already well aware...

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Using Metafields on the Shopify Storefront API

We’ve mentioned before that many web developers at Slicedbread like to utilize the Shopify Storefront API and GraphQL in order to access store data in fast and creative ways.  But...

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Automate your Shopify store with ‘Flow’

Good news for Shopify subscribers on the Plus, Advanced and Standard plans: a powerful automation tool called Flow is now available to you!  Flow was previously only available to users...

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Wrong Address Quick Fix in Shopify

There’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer. And what’s a big contributor to disappointment when it comes to e-commerce purchases? Shipping mistakes.  That’s why this week we’re digging into troubleshooting...

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Optimizing Search Results in Shopify For Developers

When a client is navigating through a Shopify store, speed is of utmost importance. The faster they can find the product they’re looking for, the more likely they are to...

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Using Quantity Checks To Make Shopify Product Pages Inventory More Aware

The fluctuation of product inventory levels in all Shopify stores is inevitable. As visitors make purchases, products or product lines are withdrawn from sale. And at a core level, Shopify...

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How to Develop a "Build a Box" Product in Shopify - Part 2: How To Remove The Limit On Flavors In The Box

That’s right folks! A sequel… and let me say something right off the bat. I know that most sequels are never as good as the original, but I’m going to...

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Show Newsletter Popup After 3 Days

  Think about the last time you went to pretty much any eCommerce website. Was there a little pop-up that came up to offer you either some sort of sale...

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How To Properly Test Shopify & Wordpress(Woocommerce) Stores

If you’ve had a Shopify or Wordpress/Woocommerce store for a long time, and this happens to newbies as well - you probably faced some strange cases with a large number...

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Multiple Font Styles, One Web Font

Fonts, the oft-forgotten element of design. While most people don’t think twice about it, some people have shaped entire careers surrounding fonts. Although many eCommerce platforms allow font choices, what...

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Supercharge Your YouTube Video Load Times With The Lite YouTube Embed Plugin

Almost all websites out there these days feature YouTube videos embedded on the page. If you don’t, get with the program! It’s 2020! if you do, read on, this is...

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Add An Emulated Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store

As we recently discussed in a blog post, the current Instagram API has now been deprecated and there is a good chance that Instagram feeds on your Shopify stores stopped...

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Dealing with FOUC (Flash of Unstyled Content)

Let’s do a little visualization… You’re browsing the web, perhaps looking for your next big vacation. You’re looking through various websites and eventually you click on one that seems to...

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Changing The Variant On A Thumbnail Click in Shopify Venture Theme

If your Shopify store has the Venture theme active, which is a very common theme for Shopify, the product page image area consists of an image thumbnails slider that appears...

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Dynamic Ajax Sorting On Shopify Collections

Shopify collections typically come with sorting and filtering options - but only on the collection page itself. But what about everywhere else? What if you want to sort and filter...

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How To Make A Bootstrap Modal Popup With Dynamic Content

It’s not just about whether you can make something happen on any given website, because any good developer knows… you can make anything happen! The real art is how you...

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How To Develop a "Build a Box" Product In Shopify - Part 3: Building A Necklace With A "Drag And Drop" User Interface

We previously wrote articles explaining how to develop a Build a Box product in Shopify and how to remove the limit on flavors in the box. In this article we...

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Using $(window).width() With Windows May Not Be The Best Option

There are many developers who love using jQuery because it makes things so much easier. However, just like anything else in life, the real work comes in looking for and...

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PhpStorm EAP Evaluation Expired In Ubuntu? The 30 Minutes Limitation Is Still There After The New Install? WHAT?

Are you a developer? I assume you are, in fact I’m pretty certain, since nobody else would have clicked an article with the title above unless they were looking for...

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Improve Your Page Load Times With A Snippet Of Critical CSS

  Speed, it’s everything!  Restaurants brag about their speed of delivery, computer companies brag about their speed of processing, and staffing firms brag about their speed of placements. We live...

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Speech to Text Recognition & Shopify Apps

With Shopify’s latest update, we can see that voice search is gaining more and more popularity and that trend is not going to end any time soon. That being said,...

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Your Site's Instagram Feed Will Very Likely Stop Working Soon

UPDATE: According to an update from February 20, 2020, Instagram's legacy API has postponed its deprecation from March 2nd, 2020 to June 29, 2020. This will provide third-parties more time to...

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Get Aligned: Center Aligned Columns, That Is

You just never know what you or the client will need. Just when you thought your completely custom design was spot on and perfectly in line with the designs laid...

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Responsive Aspect Ratio Boxes

Screens... they come in all shapes and sizes! We can view and stream content on anything from a cell phone, to television, to HD projector, and so much in between....

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