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Lujo Living

Comfortable, luxurious living - inside and out.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, nothing comes close to the pieces you'd find at Lujo Living. With a knack for perfection and an eye toward detail, Lujo Living was brought the high fashion vernacular to your patio, backyard, deck, and virtually everywhere else outside. This is a brand that knows both great look and practicality, providing furniture pieces that not only look great on your pool deck, but also come highly comfortable and fitting to just about any arrangement. 


Lujo Living first approached Slicedbread with the hope for freshening up their online look-and-feel. With their already keen eye toward good design, they provided us with some good guidelines to work from, and we helped turned their vision into reality. Their Shopify store now sports some of the most custom of layouts and features that showcases the true difference between a typical theme install and a website build that is completely curated to your needs. 

Expanded Collections Pages

Your Collections page should be more than a mere directory of products categorized together -- they should also be functional landing pages that further sells your company and products' value propositions. We developed a template for Lujo that allowed them provide a truly expanded Collections template, allowing them to pull a number of different pieces of copy, iconography, and imagery to truly draw the customer further in. 

Expanded Product Description Pages

One would never think looking at the standard WYSIWYG editor within Shopify that you could do much more than just one section of copy. We helped develop a product page structure that allowed Lujo to source unique content based on the product that is being shown. Each page includes unique content, video snippets, downloadable product PDFs, and customer testimonials that are specific to the product. This is flexibility that that took some creativity, but in the end was a scalable solution that can be repeated with every new product that they expand within their line. 

True Swatch Selection

The term "swatch" gets thrown a lot within eCommerce and often gets mistaken for just the ability to choose a flat color that's shaped as a circle. For Lujo, we built a swatch system that truly showed fabric samples of what the customer would receive. Best of all, this is completely scalable and can be added upon as new fabric pieces come into availability. 

Custom Fabric Swatch Order Form

Even with the best of photos, some sales processes need more engagement with the customer for them to best understand what they would be getting. In Lujo's case, some customers may want to actually feel the fabrics before they purchase an entire furniture piece made of it. We helped build Lujo a custom form that allowed the customer to order up to five fabric samples. This gave Lujo another sales layer that lets the customer truly engage with the brand as well as their potential new furniture piece.




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