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Approaching the world of triathlons from a whole new perspective.

When the product is this good, the goal is just to get it in front of as many people as possible. Coeur Sports approached us to do just that by maximizing sales through Facebook and Google advertising channels, and creating an all-encompassing digital strategy they could scale.

The Ask

High-Performance sports apparel for women meant for actual sports activities. This isn’t your casual athleisure brand looking to give you some yoga pants to lounge around your apartment. Made for triathlon, running, swimming, and cycling, this apparel brand promises AND delivers amazing quality, supreme comfort, and fashionable options. Made to move and made to last, this brand is for the fearless.

The Solution

Facebook Advertising - By using the Lookalike audience tool offered by the Facebook platform, we were able to prospect new customers, and merge these customers with an internal base audience that already loved to brand to generate a strong uptick in sales.

Google Advertising - We built out a branded paid search campaign that worked hand-in-hand with our dynamic product ads on Google to increase exposure of the brand and convert people from viewers to buyers.

The Results

The results for Coeur have become what we aspire to reach with all of our brands. We’ve seen growth and consistent return from the brand over the past three years, and plan to expand even further in 2019.

Advertising Spend Across Platforms
Lifetime Value
Average Return on Ad Spend Across All Platforms
Average Monthly Impressions


We began working with The Sliced Bread team in early 2016. We had been running our digital campaigns in-house prior to working with Sliced Bread. They were able to point out several very inefficient practices in our campaigns. Thanks to their work, we have seen a double digit percentage decrease in the cost of acquisition for new customers and a roughly 40% increase in top line sales. They are experts in the digital space and have provided tremendous value to Coeur Sports.

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