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Google Ads

The team at Slicedbread was very knowledgeable. They were able to create many novel features for our website that would not have otherwise been possible.

Coracao Chocolate

Metric Driven Advertising

catered to drive YOUR bottom line.

If the internet was a school, Google would not only be the coolest kid in the school, but the entire school district. Google is so cool, it’s a verb. A whopping 40,000 searches happen on Google every single second.

Your brand, your product, your voice, can occupy a chunk of those searches, the question is how big? That’s where we come in. We will design and execute a Google Ads strategy that will allow you to take the biggest chunk of those searches, and get your product in front of more people who are already looking for it.

Search Based Advertising

Creating and managing campaigns that capitalize on the ad placements that most closely resemble what the user is already organically searching. Be amongst what they’re looking for.

Digital Advertising

These are campaigns that capitalize on imagery that grabs the user’s attention with minimal but effective copy. Stop them in their tracks.

Search Remarketing

Determining and mining the effectiveness of second, third, fourth, etc. touchpoints with users that did not buy the first time. Reminding the user of how great you are even after they leave.

Display Remarketing

Finding out and capitalizing on exactly how many times people will see the same picture before they finally click checkout on your cart.

Google Shopping Advertising

Maximizing the effectiveness of image-based advertising by putting products directly in front of the user in a search result, minimizing clicks, barriers, and reasons to not buy.

ROAS/CPA Driven Advertising

All campaigns are setup and ultimately only updated based on metric focused methodology, in that, we use objective and numerical data to make decisions which reduces subjectivity and unscalable growth.

1 Research

We know a lot, but we don't know everything. Understanding our clients, their circumstances, their business, and their space is key to the success of our campaigns early on. We make sure we ask all of the necessary questions and do the appropriate research before any ad money is spent. 

2 Create

Once we have a good grasp of your business and the surrounding space, we take that knowledge and build strategic campaigns that are now primed for success. The campaigns are always built with scale in mind and thus allow us to maximize the campaigns that are doing well while giving us the ability to adjust for those that have room to grow. 

3 Optimize

Even with campaigns that exceed our expectations, there is always room for improvement. All campaigns are closely monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they are reaching their maximum potential. Your ads will always have a dedicated Slicedbread team member keeping a close eye on how things are going and areas where they can even be better.

4 Scale

Campaigns can always be refined, adjusted, rebalanced, and generally improved. Once the data comes in, we stay proactive and make changes as needed to keep your campaigns efficient, effective, and fresh. Your Digital Strategist always has your back.

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Henge Docks

Not very many brands have been able to find success breaking into such crowded markets. There are however always exceptions to that rule and Henge Docks is among them. With a combination of a unique approach and elegant design with their product, they've been able to make their mark clear among the crowd and have yet to see signs of slowing down. We came in to make sure any of those possible signs were squashed.






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