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LaVie is a brand inspired by the creator's own breastfeeding journey and challenges. They made it their mission to create solutions that will help – Whether you are nursing or pumping – Because every mom deserves to have the best experience. LaVie is here to provide you with the confidence, resources, and tools you need to focus on what matters most - loving the bond with your newborn.

The Ask

LaVie already had a loyal following but wanted help from SB to grow from cult status to a household name in the world of infant care and breastfeeding.

The Solution

Facebook Ads: Full funnel set up, massive top-level prospecting spend across both LAL and affinity segments, segmented mid-funnel campaigns, and a highly targeted product catalog campaign to ensure absolutely no low-hanging fruit is left on the tree.
Google ads: Broad match non-branded strategy, paired with a robust set of brand campaigns aiming at dominating impression share for key terms (lactation massager) as well as growth through Shopping campaigns to keep pace with other retailers of the same brand, like Target.


The Results

Paid Search Lifetime Return on Ad Spend
 Paid Social Lifetime Return on Ad Spend
Revenue Increase, Month 1
Conversion Rate Increase, Month 1


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