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Getting The Most Out Of Data Feed Management Tools

  • Customizing product titlesUsing a feed management tool allows you to create a customized title format. For Google, the character limit for titles is 150, and for Facebook, the character limit is 65. Relevant keywords must appear alongside the product title, so ensure you use the best format possible.
  • Product ImagesUsing a data feed management tool allows you to effortlessly choose the image that will best capture your customers’ attention. Simply map the image you desire to use from the product data. Having a data feed management tool allows you to quickly resolve image errors from Google or any other channel if the image violates policy.
  • Applying Segmentations: Creating segmentation using data feed management tools makes your life easier. You’ll just need to map the appropriate product collections to the product type by using custom labels. Utilizing the segmentation allows you to show the products to the related audiences and stay relevant without being repetitive. For example, if you group “summer collection” to your custom labels, it will contain products like “swimwear, swimsuit, swimming trunks, slippers,” etc.
  • Variant level or Parent level feed: With data feed management tools, it is easier to leverage the variation of your product that you would like to use on your feed. For Google you will need to focus on a variant level feed which includes all the variant products and their attributes (color/size variation). Facebook focuses on parent level feed, since Meta doesn’t rely on keywords and is instead based on interest. Using data feed management tools will help you to achieve accurate product variation without having to do it manually which is very tedious and time-consuming.

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