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Telling Your Business Story on TikTok

Whether you were first in line to download TikTok, or you’ve been slow to board this fast-moving social media train, the reality is: TikTok’s presence in the world of digital marketing is strong, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

If you’ve ever considered introducing your product or service on what is now the 3rd largest social media network in the world but are stumped on how to do it, keep reading! We’re here to teach you how to use TikTok to tell your unique business story.

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Why TikTok?

As of January 2022, TikTok had 1 billion monthly active users. I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say: that’s a lot of potential customers!

And while using the platform can seem complicated from the outside, at the end of the day it all revolves around storytelling. And that’s something we’re confident that anyone can do! So put all of your tech fears aside and check out our 6 pro tips for creating “TikTok-able” content.

Top 6 Pro TikTok Tips

  1. Tell the real story of your product. A strong user base for your product or service is best cultivated through honest connection. Be transparent and open about your business, where it started, how long it’s been around, and the journey that got you to where you are today. Unlike many other platforms that focus on a single image of perfection, TikTok is one that allows for longform content in order to show a realistic process. You never know who you’re inspiring with your story so share it openly, and watch like minded viewers get inspired! 
  2. Share the results of your product first & work backwards to show the process. Because attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and the next TikTok video is always a quick swipe away, it’s best to capture an audience from the start with an impressive result from using your product or service. Show what they can expect right at the top, then work backwards to create the story of how to get there. Aim to tell a complete story in 15 seconds in order to keep your audience engaged! 
  3. Treat each TikTok post like an elevator pitch. It’s called an “elevator pitch” because it’s quick, succinct, and ideally can be completed in the time it takes to complete an elevator ride. So treat your TikTok posts like just that! Introduce your business like it's the first time for a new audience. Focus on what you're selling, how to use it, and how it’s relevant to your audience. Always review the quality of your videos and then scale the quantity to keep things short and sweet. 
  4. Show your product or service step by step. Detail the easy steps of using or accessing your business’ products or services in order to take the guesswork out and assure your audience that they’re accessible.  Use the 300 character limit in the caption to your advantage by offering new information that you couldn’t fit in the video, as well as both trending hashtags and hashtags that apply directly to your product. 
  5. Demonstrate your product being built into a daily routine. One of the biggest current trends on TikTok is “GRWM” (get ready with me) or “Day in the life” content. Capitalize on these trends by demonstrating the usage of your product during a typical day in the life of one of your customers. This allows viewers to easily see themselves using your product in their own life!
  6. Focus on editing & pacing in order to keep viewers interested. The tone and pacing of your TikTok posts can directly influence how people will walk away feeling about your product or service. As you begin to explore TikTok content you’ll notice that jump cuts to different clips and changes in music or sound patterns are common. This keeps viewers on their toes and constantly paying attention. Avoid long winded clips and emphasize quick pacing to leave viewers with the feeling of your product being quick & effortless to both purchase and use, rather than slow-moving and unsure. 


As you begin to delve into the world of TikTok, remember: the most important thing is to keep your content authentic to your brand. Utilize clear product messaging, but try to honestly engage and connect with your audience. Lastly, remember that user-generated content (UGC) or DIY-style assets are best for business-driven TikToks! And don’t forget to have fun!


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