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Remarketing: Creating Custom Audiences Based on Engagement

As hard as it may seem to attract new users to your brand, it is nice to remember that you already have users who are engaging with your brand or have in the past. This group is often overlooked and sometimes underutilized. Reaching out to people who already know your brand is not an admission of defeat, but a concurrent strategy that may just help you boost your KPI’s while you continue to discover ways of growing your external audiences.

You can use remarketing audiences in virtually all types of campaigns, so here is the foundation of how to create such an audience through the use of Google Analytics, and practical applications that could jumpstart your engagement.

How to do it:

The first step is to link google ads with google analytics. In the admin section at the property level, go into audience definitions > audiences > new audience > create new.

It is recommended to start by creating a few lists based on pageviews since we can safely assume that more pageviews probably means more interest.

This is done through creating a “condition-based audience” wherein the number of pageviews is equal to, less than, or greater than a certain value that you choose.

A tiered audience structure would look something like this, for example:





… So on and so forth

Practical Usage: 

Now that you have your audience identified and grouped into specific conditional templates, import these lists into Google Ads and use them as targeting in display, video campaigns, or as RLSA in search or shopping campaigns.

The key to this system is to use a tiered bid structure based on the lists, for example:

2 pageviews = $.70 CPC

3 pageviews = $1.00 CPC 

4 pageviews = $1.30 CPC


This allows you to fine-tune exactly how you want to spend your money and on which audience.

Don’t let your endless desire for new users and new engagement to overshadow your targeting of those that already engage with your brand, and are likely to come back again. Now get out there and engage like you’ve never engaged before!

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