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SEO Knowledge: What are 10 Sources for Valuable Information?

If you’d like to know more about SEO and digital marketing, here are some information hubs you can follow.

Search Engine Roundtable homepage snapshot

1. Search Engine Roundtable ::: The Pulse Of The Search Marketing Community

This website covers the most popular search engines. Here you can find SEO trends, algorithm updates, and various news about the general world of search engines.

Search Engine Journal Homepage Snapshot

2. Search Engine Journal - SEO, Search Marketing News and Tutorials

Here’s another good resource for SEO news. You can find things from SEO to paid media, content marketing, and social media marketing. They also organize webinars periodically.

Search Engine Land page showen

3. Search Engine Land - News, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

From SEO to PPC, from all the social media platforms– there's not much you will not find here. They also organize webinars and write white papers.

Google Search Central Blog Snapshot

4. Search and SEO Blog | Google Search Central  |  Google Search Central Blog  |  Google for Developers

Where can you find out more about SEO news if not from the Google blog itself?
Do note that even if news comes directly from Google, this does not necessarily imply that it's 100% accurate. This site is generally a good source, however, sometimes Google might state some things that the SEO community is not on the same page about.

If for instance, Google says, "Do this, don't do that!" this is generally sound advice, but they might not have, in practice, what they wish for. They can say, "Don't write thin content," but thin content might still rank; they might say "Don't use sitewide links", and you might see websites using sitewide links that are ranking just fine. Wishing to get rid of SPAM and actually getting rid of SPAM might be too different from another.

Ahrefs website snapshot

5. Ahrefs Blog | Get Better at SEO & Marketing

This is one of the most popular SEO platforms. Their blog is well-written, and filled with lots of information. 

Semrush blog website snapshot

6. The SEO, SEM, PPC and Content Marketing Blog - Semrush

This trendy SEO suite is used by many. They focus not only on SEO but also on PPC and content marketing. It's good to keep up with them.

Screenshot: latest digital marketing news website with sign-up offer

7. Latest Digital Marketing News February 2024 - tl;dr Marketing

This is a website focused on aggregating news on things ranging from SEO to PPC and social media. It's good to have an overall view.

Content Marketing Institute snapshot

8. CMI: Content Marketing Strategy, Research

This is a website dedicated to those focused on content marketing. It is an authority website with a lot of content to look at.

Smashing Magazine website snapshot

9. Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers

Their website and newsletter are great resources for those who build websites. Even if you don't code websites, by reading their articles/newsletters you will gain valuable knowledge on what is technically possible on a website and thus, become a better marketer.

Social Media Today website snapshot

10. Social Media News | Social Media Today

If you want to keep up with what happens in the social media world, this site is an excellent resource. They also focus on events and, as you'd expect from a social media website, they have a thriving social media community.


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