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Showing a Bounce Rate and Page Speed Correlation In Google Analytics

The internet can be a confusing place. You’ve got something called your bounce rate, which despite sounding like something kids would brag about, is actually a number you want to keep low. We spend much of our time as digital marketers decreasing the bounce rate and making sure people stick...

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How to Generate Content Ideas


Content is king. And almost every eCommerce site out there has a blog. You’re reading one right now! As matter of fact, even you, as an eCommerce store owner might...

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Are You Properly Tracking Your MailChimp Email Campaigns?

While you might be totally dialed in and ready to go as far as tracking is concerned in your website’s close proximity and ecosystem, sometimes, you forget one of the...

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8 Reasons for High Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

One of the most misleading Google Analytics metrics surrounding your website is the bounce rate. Leave it up to the internet to take a fun word like “bounce”... a word...

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Tackling Technical SEO Issues

As most digital marketers know, technical SEO is one of the essential pillars of any search optimization strategy. However, with one of the latest of Google’s Search Algorithm updates, technical...

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Importing Audiences from the Google Analytics Audience Gallery

Audience creation and management is an art form. It takes finesse and a very detailed oriented approach to nail the audience and thus run successful google ads campaigns. At the...

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Website Health: A Quick Way to Assess If Your Site Has Duplicate Content.

You only have so much time to capture a user’s attention when they are on your site, so every bit of your website real estate is crucially important. Duplicating information...

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Picking The Most Effective Primary Keyword for a Landing Page

As you may well know when it comes to the language of SEO each landing page on your site has a Title tag and a Meta Description tag. If you...

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Put Your Best Foot Forward When it Comes to Search Engines

It’s Friday, it’s the end of the day, and your client comes to you with a new product launch that happens on Monday. Now you have to get through in...

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Using Google Analytics to Find Pairs of Products Usually Purchased Together

The power of suggestion is not just something that expert hypnotists use to get a group of tourists to smell a weird smell, but something you can use to increase...

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Out of Stock Products - The Low Hanging Fruit

While there are a million things to dial-in, fine-tune, and calibrate when it comes to your website SEO, some things might be a lot easier to spot than others with...

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404 Error Pages and How to Hunt Them Down Using Google Analytics

While looking at a sales performance report for one of the clients that I was working with, I noted that two products were very often purchased together. Out of curiosity,...

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Regain Search Equity in 3 Easy Steps

There was a time when the internet was just a wee little one when it was important to have a web domain that people could remember. It seems like so...

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How to Identify Thin Content Created by Collections in Shopify

You’ve gotta stock your shelves, there’s no way around it. If your online store looks like a supermarket after apocalyptic looting, barren collections, and random folks arguing over who gets...

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