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Not Your Standard Mouthguards, Not Your Standard Digital Strategy

DC Mouthguards (aka Damage Control Mouthguards) is a mouthguards retailer based out of New Mexico, targeting those who need protection in heavy hitting sports such as MMA, Martial Arts, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, and more. Their specialty is sale of highly protective boil and bite, and custom molded mouthguards that can be customized further with bold, energetic designs. These aren’t your standard department store mouthguards, not only are these custom made, but the designs are a must have for any parent with kids in a high contact sport. Don’t have to remind them to wear something that they think looks cool anyway! And if you’re a professional athlete, then why not up your look with a cool accessory that’s unique to you.

The Ask

DC Mouthguards came to SB with a need for better sales on Google Adwords and Google partner platforms, in a transition away from a prior agency’s work. The previous agency was unable to get them the return on ad spend they were looking for, and they also wanted a more transparent and strategic process that can scale with their business. They also needed a full presence across Facebook advertising and partner platforms, to showcase the products online, and generate revenue from new and previous customers. Mouthguards have unlimited demand and tons of return customer potential, so they needed to fully engage their returning customers and prospect new ones on the Facebook platform.

The Solution

Paid Social - Utilization of dynamic, internal, and external lookalike audiences in a variety of conversion based campaigns. By targeting previous customers with brand awareness campaigns we were able to stay top of mind for when the mouthguard inevitably needed replacing, like all mouthguards do. We also managed to target brand new audiences both in athletes and parents of young athletes who were in need of mouth guards through specific targeting and inspiring creative. Facebook advertising has resulted in over 4x ROAS on average.

Paid Search - Setup and configuration of ad platforms for campaign building, as well as setup for Google Analytics. Utilization of many search audiences in a variety of branded, non-branded, dynamic, remarketing, and Google shopping / smart shopping campaigns. People are searching for mouthguards all the time, it’s a pretty common search term, so finding a way to the top of that search result was key in driving new revenue for the brand. Adwords advertising has resulted in over 8x ROAS on average.

SEO - Complete SEO audit and implementation of updates as needed. Also a full Conversion Optimization analysis and implementation was done. The developmental changes to the site resulted in a significantly enhanced user experience and ease of purchase on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

The Results

Revenue Growth by Month 4
Google AdWords Revenue Growth by Month 4
Monthly Average Facebook Return on Ad Spend
Average Monthly Impressions


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