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Search Visibility Optimization

I have worked with SB for over two years and they have done so much for Luminit. We are a smaller company with a marketing department of just me. SB has been my partner and helped me rebuild our website and continues to guide us on digital channels and SEO. Slicedbread is a rare company that believes in doing the right thing for their clients at all times.


Redefining SEO

Modernizing Search Optimization.

If you believe that just having a website gets you on the front page of Google then it’s time to uninstall your AOL dial-up browser and get up to speed.

There is a whole second layer to the internet that is just run by robots, employed by Google, that have only one job... to determine how popular your website is compared to other websites of a similar nature. That’s right, a big cut throat popularity contest that can mean the difference between low web traffic and breaking your servers because they can’t handle the volume. Our approach to search engine optimization factors in your entire digital strategy and all of your web presence, and streamlines it all to give you the best chance at winning Google Prom Royalty.

Search Engine Focused

Optimizing your site for search engines. Communicating what’s most important to the robots behind the scene so that they can best rank you and move you on up!

Advertising Supplement

Focusing only on what’s important for your advertising campaign. Stepping away from organic-centric SEO practices and more toward what will help your specific ad campaigns thrive.


Your brand is what got you your business; our recommended updates do not disrupt what’s been working but capitalize on it by specifically focusing on the user’s experience.

Ongoing Residual Benefits

It’s the gift that keep on giving, organically. Our implementations see at least 10-20% organic improvements even while our focus is on advertising, so once it’s set up, the rest just sort of happens!

Cost Effective

Traditional monthly SEO campaigns are expensive and often yield diminishing returns, which is why we don’t do long term contracts. Make it worth the money!

One Time, Twice a Year

Our SVO efforts are project based, and are treated as spring cleaning. Do it as little as twice a year, or as often as you’d like to keep your engine running smoothly.

1 Discover

Just doing without context is never enough. Before we even dive into the nitty-gritty of technical SEO, we first want to understand our clients' businesses and what makes them tick. Without it, we may be implementing changes that can take us down the wrong road. The first step to any aspect of good marketing, whether it's through a full campaign or starting with an audit, we first always want to make sure we understand our clients to the best of our abilities. 

2 Audit

Once the project is set to start, we go right into auditing your site and looking for the key markers that search engines look for to deem value and context. Anything from proper tag usage, value allocation, textual accuracy, redirect placements - we look for them all and identify all of the areas that can be improved from a search valuation standpoint.

3 Report

Once we've compiled a full list of our findings, we put together a report for you that makes everything easy to digest and understand. The report gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done to properly optimize your site along with a roadmap of what to know in order to maintain it for the months and years to come.

4 Implement

Rather than just giving you a list of technical details of what needs to be done, we also help you implement all of our suggestions and findings. By the end of the audit project, you will be able to have a fully functioning, well optimized site at your finger tips and being able to continue your business growth with one less variable to worry about.


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Helping businesses grow is one thing, but being a part of an initiative to change the world is another. With Big Brothers Big Sisters, we took the opportunity to help make an impact and could not have been happier with that decision.


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Rethink Your Search Approach

Let us help you bring your site to the 21st century the right way.


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