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Fine Jewelry, Great Prices, Excellent Strategy

Founded by jewelry veteran Shelley Sanders, The Last Line says ‘goodbye’ to traditional jewelry industry markups, eliminates the middle (wo)man, and delivers the last designs a woman needs, as soon as she needs them, at the best prices. They bring a whole new level of quality to a never before attainable price point. The Last Line was created to give customers the finest quality jewelry of their dreams, while rewriting the rules of the jewelry world one finely priced diamond at a time.

The Ask

The Last Line came to us looking for a more transparent and scalable paid social strategy. As their brand started to take off, they found that the social media and digital strategy they had established just couldn't not take off with them. Having worked with other agencies previously, they were disappointed in both the reporting power and insight of the team, as well as issues in attempting to scale their campaigns and overall spend with any sort of significance.

The Solution

Paid Social. Past partnerships for management of paid social were lacking transparency and scalability, so we stepped in to bridge those gaps. We opened the door to any and all reporting, while providing them with detailed insight of our plan and overall strategy to scale their business. This proved to be very effective, and the brand has nearly doubled spend in just a year, while maintaining excellent performance.

Ongoing SEO. The client felt that past efforts did not begin to account for the multitude of products and collections coming on // off site in a given month, so we set up a schedule that works for us and the clients dev team. We run audits every other month and passed recommendations over for implementation as we noticed them. It's important to consistently monitor the way in which their site communicates with Google, and due to their ever-changing line-up of fine diamond jewelry, a strict schedule significantly impacted the effectiveness of the SEO strategy for the better.

The Results

Increase in Revenue, Year over Year
Average Facebook ROAS
Total Revenue from Ads
Decrease in Bounce Rate, Year over Year


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