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Google Analytics Predefined Templates for Creating Custom Insights In App + Web Properties

There’s a lot of data out there. You can slice and dice your user behavior so much these days that there are entire careers surrounding just the Google Analytics platforms. Not only is advertising on the Google Ads platform an artform with a lot of nuance that can only come from experience, but analyzing the resulting data takes the same sort of attention to detail and experience. It’s not about just understanding the numbers, but more importantly, which numbers are worth understanding and acting on that you need to learn.

Here’s the truth, Google knows this! They are aware that their analytics platform is not a walk in the park, so what did they do? They created a collection of new pre-defined templates for custom insights in Google Analytics that will help you create up to five custom insights with one-click. Custom insights are used to monitor unexpected behavior of your core business metrics.

Here are the two specific types of insights that you can choose from to help you better understand your data:

  • Automated insights: Analytics Intelligence detects unusual changes or emerging trends in your data and notifies you automatically, on the Insights dashboard, within the Analytics platform. Allowing you to only have to key into the performance when you need to, and spend the rest of the time growing your business. No more tinkering with useless data.


  • Custom insights: You create conditions that detect changes in your data that are important to you. When the conditions are triggered, you see the insights on the Insights dashboard, and you can optionally receive email alerts. You can create up to 50 custom insights per property. Similar to the Automated insights, this gives you a bit more power to direct Google in understanding exactly what’s important to you, and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you are new to using the platform, you might not even know what is and isn’t important to you, so I would recommend starting with automated insights and use the Google assistant to help you understand where your attention should be directed. Pretty soon, you’ll be an expert as well, and you can start setting custom insight alerts for yourself to monitor your business. Although the best strategy is to let a digital strategy firm handle these decisions, their expertise and knowledge in the field will undoubtedly beat out your limited knowledge of just your business and product. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you understand what’s worth keeping track of!


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