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Use "I Search From" to Get Inspiration for your Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions via Google Ads

Upon using a search engine, Google and other platforms use the data from the meta titles and descriptions to display a search result.  Before clicking on the result, one might see this as a preview:

Screenshot of title and meta description example


Two women sitting and smiling at each other.


How To Make a Title and Meta Description

One solution is to make it a descriptive text, as its name implies:

  • For the title – put the name of the page (within 30-60 characters with spaces).
  • For the meta description – put the description of the page (within 120-160 characters with spaces).

Another approach – is to get a look at how your competitors create their ads. People test Google Ads a lot (see whichever performs best), invest time and money in them, and make sure that everything works fine, yet they don't spend the same energy on meta titles/descriptions, even if they have similar implications as they determine if visitors click from Google's result pages to your website.

See How Others Make Their Meta Descriptions

Searching on Google for terms such as "online marketing agency" will likely show ads that are relevant to you, but there's a catch – Google knows your location (or has some idea about it), and will mostly show ads relevant to your area. It's a good place to start, but if you want more inspiration, it might be difficult to see results from regions and countries that are different than where you search at a specific time.

That's where comes with a solution:

Search options for finding an online marketing agency in Sydney.


Searches like the above example will bring results from the United States, in English, no matter where in the world one is searching from. If you want to see results from another city or country, you can change the parameters. 

Search options for finding an online marketing agency.

This tool provides users with real-life examples of various creative ways in which to make the meta titles and meta descriptions more attractive.

Comparing the texts on Google Ads with "typical" meta titles and meta descriptions can bring insights like "Yes, I could do something similar to that, it's a good idea". The ability to "travel" anywhere in the world using "I Search From" is a superpower that you want to check out.

What’s The Next Step?

"I Search From" allows users to get inspiration from ads that bring wide results to their respective websites, are tested and cherry-picked, and, most importantly, are coming from all over the world. 

Consider changing your meta descriptions, to include things similar to what you see various competitors in different countries doing with their Ads. Using compelling reasons to click on a result (active verbs, key selling points, benefits) will bring better results from organic searches.


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