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Writing a Solid About Us/Contact Us Page

When writing your website About Us/Contact Us page, consider the following: 

  1. Include mission, vision, values, and objectives.
  2. Share where and how your brand began. 
  3. Add at least one physical address and one embedded map.
  4. Add content like photos and videos with the people involved in your projects and previous collaborations. 
  5. Give figures, stats, and create infographics.
  6. Add links to your social networks.
  7. Share contact details and relevant legal business information.
  8. Add details about yourself throughout other pages on your site like Product/Services pages; ("we differentiate our products/services from any other business out there via ..."; naturally describe the products, in a way you would describe a product/service to a friend.

See the About Us page on Slicedbread Agency's website and reach out if you need more strategies to optimize your digital marketing presence: 


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